I have no idea how to replicate this. Its not something I can ram myself into repeatedly, and I have zero idea why its happening.

I'll be doing the urgent quest just fine, no stuttering, no rubberbanding, nothing. I'll finish Dark Falz Gemini, just fine. Move on to fighting Profound darkness, just fine. Complete the fight, and progress to the cutscene just fine. BUT, and this is the only possible user error, I skip the end fight cutscene, to get to the loot and the field faster. I watched the cutscene once, and proceeded just fine. But this is the 3rd attempt at profound darkness, and 2 out of 3 attempts have included skipping the cutscene and both have resulted in a crash to main menu.

But, after doing the once per UQ, UQ, with no problems, the game immediately siezes up. I can run around for 30 or so seconds, but I cant break the loot crystal, I can't chat, and then I get disconnected. I'm wasting triboost's, can't get quest completion exp. Its the second time now, in a row. I am frustrated at this waste of my effort.

Any fixes? This is a fresh install, because yesterday (as of this post) something broke on microsoft's end in regards to the xbox beta and it corrupted my game files which had been running just fine like 2 hours earlier. Otherwise I have zero idea whats going on or how to prevent it from happening again.

Siro990/S4R4-4NN3 - ship 3 - block 017