What can you guys do about RMTs?

Suggestion: ban URLs in chat, along the lines of seeing specific strings; PSO2AH keeps coming up. Bar that.

The same RMT guy also use "3w" to circumvent that, but I agree with ya.

Its just as easy to circumvent the swear filter as it would be for them to circumvent URL filters. You know how you stop them? You don't buy from them. If they aren't making money they move on to another game they will make money in. Seeing as its a F2P game and the barrier of entry is null, added to the fact that people have and will always buy from them as they do in basically all online games, they aren't going anywhere. The most we can do is report them and hope Sega takes care of things in a timely fashion.

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE The problem with this is that they won't stop even if it's not profitable. In a completely F2P game there will always be activity of sorts. They're after the activity of the players to see who is fooled enough to buy into the phising links. So in the long run someone new will most likely get scammed even if it's rarely.

So as long as that mindset is there it won't end. It can only end with gz-line esque-like ban(extreme but it does the job) as the knowledge about VPN is wide today compared to 20 years ago when PSO1 was new. Anyone can get a ban and simply evade it through other methods to continue their scam.

These people/bots are really getting out of hand. I see a plethora of them on a daily basis for just chatting with my friends. I really wish it could just stop.