Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

  • Alliance Name: Pseudo Reality (Leader: Shingi | Officer: CooLAciD, HurtzDonut)
  • Alliance Type: Casual / New Player Friendly
  • Ship 01: Feoh
  • Alliance Level: 5

Greetings ARKS Members! We are looking for active members for our alliance. We have a core group of players from original PSO are looking forward to playing PSO2 with new people. If you are looking for an alliance that can help you learn the basics or looking for people move into end game content we have both. We have both PC players and Xbox players. Feel free to search for the alliance in game or send me a message on discord.

Discord contact: Shingi#1326

Dagoth (Ur)

Now Sleepers and Dreamers all are risen, and the dust is blown away. Come to your Lord, Dagoth Ur. The Sixth House is risen, and Dagoth is its glory.

Recruiting for chill alliance with a discord. Our players are active and casual. Looking for fellow casual/active players as well. You don't need to be try-hard, but we would like you to be on regularly. We consist mostly of die hard fans carried over from PSO from Dreamcast/Gamecube and have been active on a couple different PSOBB private servers.

  • Morrowind/TES fans are encouraged to find a home here
  • Casino junkies are welcome
  • New players to Phantasy Star looking for guidance are welcome
  • PSO Nostalgia addicts also welcome!
  • Players looking for Alliance discord voice chat parties are welcome
  • Cool 'Heart of Lorkhan' team flag!

Discord link is posted in the Alliance room bulletin and accessible upon joining. Contact: Paychic, FiftyCaliber, Ouija, AmonkE, or Lemma. (As of this post, we have 9 members. Current team room is set to Pioneer 2 with TrickTrack - VR Spaceship music)

[Ship 3-Thorn] For the Loot

An alliance made for solo players who are still interested in getting the "Join an Alliance!" campaign rewards. No requirements to join and no expectations for participation. We're just here for the loot.

Should be searchable in game from the visiphone.

[Ship 3-Thorn] Zodiac Brave

We are just a litle group FFXIV players that set to sail onto the universe to see whats out there. If you are interested in a chill group that just goofs around throwing jokes here and there even on raids we are your team XD.

Regular Questions:

  • Do you have discord? = Yes, it's on the alliance description.

  • Hablas español para poder jugar con amigos del mismo idioma? = Si, tengo una seccion en el discord tmb para gente que solo puede hablar español.

  • How often do you team up for party's? = When we are on and an emergency pops up we always try to get everyone who is willing in a party.

  • How chill do you want your group to be? = Let me put it this way we have a meme section in our discord

  • Do you mind if i join with a group of friends and only play with them? = No, not at all, in this alliance you are welcome to do what you want.

[Ship 2 - Ur] Cutie ARKS

Group for LGBTQI+ peeps and allies looking for a laid back PSO2 gaming experience. Wanna grind? Cool. Need help with a quest? We got your back. Our Discord has cool bots, cute custom emoji, and dedicated voice channels for questing and alliance members.

Discord link

<Burly> - (NA) English Speakers Only Ship 2

Recruiting all players new & old

Looking for active players

PvX Looking to do all content

No Snowflakes

Laid back & Chill community

Some Experienced players!

Interested in Joining? : PM me on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace #9889

We don't care to RUSH to end-game

We are a group of really good friends who are looking for all walks of gamer's. We are run by three very headstrong, straight forward leaders and know exactly who we want to be apart of our little gang we are building to take over the gaming world.


Toxicity will NOT be tolerated towards one another nor other players within the game and will be handled with swiftness. Although our guild is very open to all sorts of humor we ask that you as a human being, take responsibility in your actions and know when enough is enough.


Discord is NOT a must but is definitely nice to have new faces around and we want to meet you all. As our guild has originated from Black Desert Online we have an open community within our discord but, have our own special section for Phantasy star online 2 so you will not be flooded with messages.

Our discord is a community with all sorts of types of humor, memes, shit posting. Our discord is not for you to advertise yourself as a streamer or content creator. Share some memes with us 😰

Guild Expectations

Help out fellow alliance members. Step up for responsibility if needed. HAVE FUN We hope you choose us as your new home if even for the slightest bit.

Interested in Joining? PM on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace#9889 kangz.png

@Shoeul Forgot to include which ship you are on.

Region: NA

Server: Ship 01

Alliance - Storm

Timezone: EST

Description: An alliance with a group of friends looking for more people to join to help grow a community. We have multiple people with different play times that make it easy to fit in a party of players at whatever hour. We're all active (some waiting for maint to see if it solves and problems for the constant crashes) and chill. No elitists, all new and learning together.

We use discord, but are fine with ingame voice chatting.

PM me if you're interested in joining.

Hello arks~

I'm not that good with words owo after all I'm your average weeb

anyway i want to introduce to you EU based weebs alliance League Of Weebs! we are fast growing chill and fun community with 100 discord members and 50 alliance members

we headpat



and most importantly headpat

and also uh... do the lewd stuff (hand holding)

so if you are ready to join us weebs to a nice bizarre adventure

on our crazy noisy bizarre alliance

here's a link to our cute discord server!

Bound By Blades - Ship 2

Created during the CBT, level 5 Alliance with active members and a Canadian leader.

We have some space again and are looking to fill out the ranks with some mates.

Hit us up in-game or on Discord (deleted discord link since we're now full but feel free to PM me and I can always update when room is available).


  • Weenie Hut Jr.
  • Alliance Type: Casual/Friendly, with some Hardcore members
  • Ship 3: Thorn
  • Alliance Level: 3

We are currently looking for new friends to join us over Discord. We have a good mix of casual and hardcore players and mainly focus on having a good time while pushing towards goals. People of all levels and skill levels are welcome, we have no issue supporting newer members and helping others learn!

Our Discord can be found on our Bulletin Board, please contact Shadius (Player ID: 10580509/Shadius) if interested!

Ship: 02

Alliance: Legion of Light

Contact Player ID: Vandal Heart (leader)

Focus: mature players (age 20+) looking to explore the game and grow together. We’re focused on newer players at the moment who need help getting rolling. Retro gaming, Japanese culture, travel, beer are some common interests.

No longer actively recruiting via forums

[Ship 03: Thorn <Photon Dealers>] [Español]

Photon Dealers recluta jugadores de habla hispana, buscamos gente de todas partes, including people who wants to learn spanish 🤓. En su mayoría todos hablamos español, previamente jugamos en JP ship 02 sin embargo aquí la ship 02 no es muy amistosa con nosotros, así que nos plantamos en Ship 03 y reclutamos desde jugadores nuevos hasta experimentados 😄, nuestra alianza es muy flexible ya que no forzaremos a nadie a mostrar mejoría, de cualquier modo les apoyaremos a los jugadores para poder crecer juntos si su objetivo es ese, los únicos requisitos son tener discord, hacer las misiones de alianza 1 vez por semana y dar a conocer sus dudas 🦆.

Estado: Reclutando 🍏

Ship 03: Thorn. Enfoque: Semi Casual / Casual. 🎭

Horarios: Random, cualquier horario. 🍥

Visita nuestro discord 😄

Visita nuestro Grupo en Facebook 😸

Los esperamos !! 🌎


gang gang