Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

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@GM-Deynger Heyo, may I request sub-forums for each ship? I think that would make organization really nice.

@GM-Deynger I second this for sure.

Thread :

Ship 06 currently at 7 members. The community discord is in the thread and my signature.

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[Ship 3-Thorn] Apex

This team will be focused on helping newer players climb up to the top! Recruiting New and Vet players!

Me and a few others will be rushing our Tree Buffs for you can have a reliable source of boosts for your Arks Journey!

In-game name: Nemi - Hu/Br Newman Female.

Mods: Dreams, KitKat, and Eviera

If you have any questions please reply here!!

Or add me on Xbox: oNazri for any other questions!

Open recruitment on Launch!!

See ya all soon! ❤

#AllClassesMatter #NewPlayerFriendly #TooManyHashTagsForSimpleStuffAgain

I am very interested in joining your ranks for launch, and becoming one of your vets that help the newbies! I have played PSO JP on and off for a few years, but with NA coming, I will be committing 80 % of my game time to PSO!

@RAcast I'm interested in joining your alliance. Feel free to add me & message me. | JAS0N BLAD3 | is my gt & that is a zero in jason.

Server: Ship 2

Alliance: Aim To Kill

Alliance Level: 4

Members At This Time: 10

Who Can Join: Anyone no matter your skill level or progress, join us and benefit on just knowing that you can just enjoy the game at your own pace with no pressure.

Who to Contact: ATK Blackdawn ( Leader ) (Xbox GT)

Rules: Just be respectful and have fun

Mission: To be the Best Top Tier Alliance in the game but we cant do it alone and so we look to you out there in the community to come join and be apart of something amazing. If you wish to know more please feel free to contact me (ATK Blackdawn) on xbox i welcome the chance to talk to anyone interested in joining

[SHIP 1 - Feoh] SwagDragonZ

Now accepting all Newcomers & JP Veterans alike to bring out their inner SWAG!!!

Casual/Community based Alliance that grows and thrives with its members.

  • Respecting all members no matter who they are, IRL or In-Game.
  • Alliance Community Events that will sure to get you more thrilled here at SDZ!
  • Veterans may help educate the fine new minds of PSO2 to get them completely hooked in the game.

Alliance Discord!!!

  • Basically what I just said on #1. that will be done both in-game & on our official discord.
  • Chat with other members more fluently & frequently here.
  • Talk about other games
  • Get guides & tips on how to be a top tier ARKS
  • Party hard with your allies in the #Fiesta Chat +Music
  • And so much more (Yet still abide by #1.1)

On both XBox & PC/Steam

  • All members from both platforms will all be welcomed to join in on a greater PSO2 experience! YES, I can multi-task (when I can =w=)

                   Discord Link:

@SwagDragon8957 Excuse the misalignment in my last words... This forum's comment settings are just plain buggy.

EDIT: it now fixed!

We are on Ship 2-UR. We are called Black Bulls and just looking for anyone who wants to join. We are recruiting anyone who wants to join an alliance but isn't looking for anything in particular. All players are welcome. As for gaming hours we are going with any hours as I know my schedule is crazy and it's not always easy to find people on at the same time. If you want to join my ID Name is Sterrance101, just message me and let me know you want in

[Ship 1- Feoh ] Clone Force 75

We are a group of mainly inexperienced folk who are more casual. We will be a very friendly community and we'll try to help each other out at getting better at the game! As such, there are no requirements in order to join. This alliance is a good place for you if you are looking to just have fun. We currently do not have a lot of members, so new people would be appreciated. Veterans especially, so that we can get advice for inexperienced members.

@oNazri Hi! Are you still recruiting?

Ship:01 Feoh

Crime Sorciere

Level: 03

We are a friendly, fun, open alliance- recruiting any and all active players! We want a safe fun space for players of all level! Anime fans, especially Fairy Tail, encouraged to join!

Alliance is currently level 3 with both the Alliance Quaters Base, and shop currently unlocked!

If you are interested in joining, you can find us in game- Message Player ID Master_Saki : character name Saki. Or join in discord for basic rules and to arrange an in-game invite:

Ship 2(SAO Survivors) Recruiting on Xbox One. Recruiting Active Players. No Level Requirements. No Toxicity. Fresh Alliance. Looking to build a PSO2 family and have fun. My Gamertag is MF Lionkiller Message me for more information and are interested

[Ship 01] Sunset Ravens now Recruiting!!!

Welcome to the Sunset Ravens. Anyone is welcome to come play and have fun. We have experienced officers and a devoted leader to help with any questions or needs. There are no requirements except to have as much fun as possible. Currently have 8 members with a lvl 5 alliance level. Hope to see you here and join in on the great times to be shared.


Ship: 01 Feoh


Level: 03

We are a friendly, fun, open alliance recruiting any and all active players! Members located in the Chicago and Seattle areas!

Alliance is currently level 3 and growing with Alliance Shop unlocked!

If you are interested in joining you can request to join the alliance or send a message to PlayerID "The Pie".

[Ship 1: Feoh] ARK REAPERS

We are a freshly minted alliance of arks. We welcome all players great and small. Communication is a driving force of building a strong alliance so we have both a website and xbox club.

In-game name: Khlan