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Recruiting new players, Vets and officers

Dharma is an alliance built to appreciate our Phantasy Star Loving community. If you're looking for chill vibes and good times with homies, we might be the home you're looking for.

We recruit for all hours and all regions (that can reach us)

I personally have been playing PSO since the Dreamcast/Gamcecube days. In pso2 I've leveled every class, gained my LB title (as a manly male I might add, which is not easy 😊 and affixed. There is little I'm not comfortable helping with ingame.

Good Luck out there Arks Operatives.

2020-07-20 20-43-33new.png

Ship 1 Helltakers looking for Ark members for quest,pvp,chilling. We are also looking for people who are interested in become officers to help the Alliance grow. We have an discord but it not require join it unless your an officer if you like to join just apply to Helltakers or message me in-game (Player id/name Tasywolf) or send to me on discord (Chi Charron #1477)

[Ship 3 - Thorn]

For the Loot

Basically a non-alliance; it was created during the previous Join an Alliance campaign and exists as a no-obligations collective to give independent players access to alliance perks (mostly tree buffs) and the rewards of alliance-based campaigns.

We're on the verge of meeting the AP requirement of the present campaign with well over a week to spare and at least one of its members should qualify us to receive the Operating Terminal emote.

There are no alliance activities, no preferred playtimes, no websites and no Discord servers. If you prefer to play alone this should be ideal, and if you're in a small friend group that is not in an alliance already this setup should allow you to continue playing as you are without any expectation of needing to contribute to an alliance instead.

(Ship2)Port Mafia, is now a Semi-Hardcore and extremely active alliance thanks to the people who have applied from the forums. Were looking for Active Members who log in frequently and are always ready to run quests with the alliance or members in general. We are currently rank 17 in the alliances ranking but were working on improving our ranking as well as reach top 5 at some point. We have an extremely involved community that likes to help our new players. We have a discord that stays active throughout the day, its full of guides that teach everything you need to know about the classes and the game in general. Our community is mainly NA players but we do have EU/Asia/Australia player who love the community. As an alliance the content we run is mainly XH which requires you to be lvl70 and above however, if your a player thats below that lvl know that my players will help you right away to get you ready to run content with us. We have some hardcore grinders including me who never says no to a nice 5hr grind to get you to lvl75. We host Full MPA's for Emergency Quests, Triggers, and our favorite Ultimate Quest. The prime time active hours are from 2PMEST to Late MIdnightEST. Our HomeBlock Is Block11 you can find my officers in that block or myself the leader (Nehikage) if you wish to join our PS2 family you can apply at the visiphone or contact my officers or myself here or in the game.

PlayerID Leader: Nehikage

PlayerID Officers: hustleman, Murata, Vyraal123, Alaric Knight

Ship 1: Feoh BlackPhoenix

(NA release)

Hello Arks! We're a German language based clan and recruit new member to enjoy the game.

Newbies and veterans are welcome at our TS3 server.

Clan Lead: LittleFreak


german speaking, 18+, moderate and regular logins

Name - CODA (Ship 2)
Leader - Kybela (VERTEGREZ NOX#8956)
Manager - Kybela, Ibyx
Type - Semi-serious and hardcore, social, chill, engaging
Active Timezone (Peak hours) - Evening to Morning EST / PST
Home Block(s) - Block 44 [also B7, 66 or 77]

Alliance Description: Coda is a tight knit PvX guild that is selectively recruiting new members. Coda is looking to recruit people who seek to play well, but wish to do so with good friends, no drama, and no toxicity. Here, you will check your ego at the door. We are an international guild, and welcome people from all over. We are looking for both semi-hardcore and hardcore members to join us. We want people that take the game seriously, but like a friendly, social environment as well. We are really focusing on all end game content, including pvp, and would love to get like-minded individuals. If you are a min/maxer, skilled player, and a person looking for a guild that cares about the well being of their members, then look no further. We are a group of chill individuals, and you will be among good company.

Leader played (FOmar) PSO ep1&2 for 10years offline, and briefly on JP. If you are New to Phantasy Star series OR already plan to be in it for the long haul, then you are most welcome to join our small but growing alliance!

Officer Position & Core spots currently available. We mainly grind Ultimate (Lilipa atm) or general endgame content, including Urgent Quests. We are "off-meta" friendly (custom-builds) & encourage others to enjoy their playtime!

Our discord is invite only, but will be given to you upon acceptance. We spend a lot of time in voice chat, and encourage you to join as well, but it's not mandatory. Joining discord though is required. We talk about everything from PSO2, to hobbies, to anime, tv shows, min-maxing, theory crafting, and more!

We welcome players all around the world to join us!

What we offer:

• Friendly, supportive, mature, and active social environment.
• Laid back and tight knit group, with a collective end game focus. • Planned parties and raids, as well as sporadic ones. Effort is made to include everyone.
• Active and engaging voice chat.
• Improvement focused members, who also are chill, and like to enjoy themselves, and company of those around them.
• In game events and gatherings, occasional contests for fun!
• Movie nights, game nights, and other out of game activities, to spend more time with your fellow guildies.
• Newbie friendly, but also encourage vets, and JP players to join!


• Active in discord
• Team player, and party focused
• Improvement focused
• Mature, respectful, drama free, helpful, positive vibes
• Helpful and communicative

Alliance Focus:

• Dailies
• Urgent Quests
• Extreme/Advanced Quests
• Ultimate Quests
• Event Farming
• Casual Events
• Casual Contests
• Game/movie nights


Guild Leader: VERTEGREZ NOX#8956
Officer: Danielle#5039

Looking for an alliance that you can enjoy the game with? Look no further! Black Lotus is recruiting all new and veteran players! Ship 2 UR.

-average active is Morning/Evening

-discord is required

-PC and Xbox and when it arrives to Ps4 are welcome!

-Runs Vhaqs, Shaqs and UQs

-Soon to be events

-alliance storage, rank 5 with alliance base & level 3 tree

-Home block is 36

-sister alliance Alternative kalpa

-leveling parties

-affixers in training

-17 members



Alliance: Avatar

Ship: 2

Leader: Crevox

Are you new to PSO2? Are you lost? Are you looking to improve or progress but unclear about your options?

We're a small alliance looking to grow. Some of us came from the JP server after NA went live-- the "refugees" are serious about their own performance and willing to teach or theory-craft without any issues. Don't worry, we're not elitists. We don't have an active hour, everyone just kind of does whatever they want, at their own pace. If we get enough members, we could start structuring something in-terms of: events / alliance MPAs.

Overall, I'd say we're chill. So what are you waiting for? We would love for you to join us!

Feel free to contact myself (char: Di Gi / username: watabou207) or Find us on the visiphone today!

What's up yall if your looking for a Small clan of chill people who just like to play and mind there own business REDWOLF on SHIP 3 is for you! We have a MAXED OUT Photon tree for what ever u like to do a Discord channel and are mostly on in the afternoon PST were currently recruiting! looking for new members beginners welcome! Please get at either Luna,18E7 in game or message me here 👍

Allianz: Star Fetcherz

Schiff: 04 - Ansur

Anführer: Coldstar (@CmdColdstar)

Hey! Du! Ja, genau du. Spielst du auf Schiff 4 und suchst gleichsprachigen Anschluss? Wir, die Star Fetcherz, suchen tatkräftige Verstärkung um eine kleine, deutsche Allianz aufzubauen. Vorraussetzungen gibts es keine. Wenn du das hier lesen kannst, bist du qualifiziert.

Wenn dich die Lust packt, dann schreib mir entweder hier im Forum oder ingame unter meiner ID. Ich bin vermehrt Abends online, ab 19 Uhr rum.

PS: Discord haben wir natürlich auch - es ist ja nicht so, als koste ein Server Geld. =P

Alliance: The Reformed

Ship 4; Ansur

Admins: EntiTy, Zaykaria

Hello fellow ARKS operatives, we are 'The Reformed'. A brand new alliance looking to recruit new and old players alike that are willing to build and contribute towards a community of all people alike. There are no requirements, however we would prefer for us to use discord since we will mostly be active in there, and that is where we would like the majority of our community to be based. Whether it be discussing theory-crafting, or helping new players along the way. We will always do our best to help each other out.

The discord link is as follows:

You can also find myself or the guild on the visiphone at: 'The Reformed'

Look forward to seeing some of you ARKS operatives soon!

[Ship 3-Thorn] Alliance Name: Z.A.F.T.

Leader: @Kiriblast

Manager(s): Dr. Goldstein, AcidCenturion

Type: Casual

Timezone(s): PST

Alliance Level: 5


Level 1 ATK up

Level 1 Defense up

Level 3 EXP up

Level 3 Meseta up

Level 3 Rare Drop up

Alliance Requirements: Be chill, be nice to each other, try not to cuss, semi-active. Discord is not required, but we have one for it ( Primary language: English. (we also have a couple of Chinese speakers), and lastly, don't hate weebs.

Alliance Description: complete casual. Here to have fun and enjoy playing the game. All of us currently in the alliance started since the PC ver released.

Forgotten ARKS on Ship 1

I started this alliance recently with the hope to find other people like me who enjoy progressing at their own pace and not necessarily rush through content and burn themselves farming all day long. The idea is to provide a safe place to grow and challenge yourself when you're ready without being concerned to let others down.

I haven't created a space on discord yet, but this is something I plan to do once we get enough members to make it worth it.

Meanwhile, if you are interested feel free to reach out to me in game (biocobra ID 10500233) or here @Biocobra or on discord (biocobra#6542)

Ship 2 - Cerberus Gaming

Type: Social Community, Quest Group, Learning, Small

Leaders: LargoUsagi, Spyderdead, StacksArmstrong

Discord Link:

Requirements: Maturity, English Speaking


Cerberus Gaming is an alliance started by a gaming community. We are currently a small alliance looking for those who would like to play with other adults in a non judgmental environment. We don't care if you have best in slot gear, we don't care if you play 1 hour a week or 80. We are interested in members who are open to learning or teaching, and building a new alliance from the start. Our leadership played a lot of PSO1 across various platforms enjoying Eps 1,2 and 4. We started playing PSO2 with the international steam release and are willing to teach those new to the game.

The majority of our members are adults with full time jobs, this means that 9-5 EST there will not be a high level of activity. This may change as we grow.

We are currently trying to grow to a size where we can regularly run SHAQ's Ultimate and Urgent Quests with a full group of alliance members during the North American prime time (6PM - 2AM EST).

If you are interested in joining you can jump into our discord, although not required, its where the majority of our communication occurs.

Name: Total Bliss

Leader: Monkey

  • Player ID Name: Monkey-

  • Player ID: 10627797

  • Main IGN: Fishy

  • Discord: Monkey#0497

Type: Semi-Casual / Serious but chill. Having fun is most important!

Timezones: Mainly NA PST for now but we do have members from around the globe as well.

Alliance/Community Objectives: We’re hoping to grow our alliance with like-minded people to focus on content such as trigger parties, MPA Urgent quests, affix farming, and maybe some Challenge mode here and there.

Requirements: At least level 75+ and Active

About Us: Originally a friends only alliance now under new management trying to refresh the alliance. Not going to lie but as of this moment we have very little members but we are hoping to grow. Our alliance tree isn’t maxed out yet but we are not looking for people to just join an alliance just for the tree buffs. I see it as a bonus.

Note: Already in an alliance already but like our objectives? Don’t sweat it! I wish to build not just an alliance but a community as well. You’re welcome to join us in discord!

All interested parties should contact me on discord.