Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

{Ship-01 Feoh} Star Fleet

Hey there, looking to join a respectable alliance in your journey through pso2? Come join Star fleet, we have 30 members so far, a discord server with extensive roles and overall a trustworthy place for you to call home. Not so sure yet? Come join our discord server anyway and find out for yourself how great it can be!

Black heart Syndicate

We are a new active, guild looking to gain around 20 25 members for future content. We are a small focused guild aiming towards end game content and team building. MESSAGE Dranelia in-game or sluebag is my GT.

I am from Redemption Gaming (RGL) a large gaming community. We have active alliances in ship 1, 2 & 3 in our PSO2 Division! We have a website and a discord. Here is what we have to offer!

-Weekly Game Nights: Run quests or just have fun -Military Rank Structure -1 on 1 guidance: For new players or players under lvl 40 only -Events: Chances to win prizes Ex. Premium -Always someone to play with on all ships

Ship 1: Ark Corps

Ship 2: Immortals

Ship 3: Chaotica

You can sign up on our website, join our discord or message me on xbox for more info!

RGL Website

RGL Discord

GT: RGL Steak


(Ship 2: Ur)

Market Zero is recruiting on Ship 2: Ur

We have several PSO and PSU veterans here to help new players. No Class or level requirement to join. We are a laid back bunch that really enjoy the Phantasy Star series. Come join our Discord channel and have some fun.

Market Zero Discord

@CodeBreaker-V1 I’m interested in joining I’m a 32 hunter

[SHIP 1 - Feoh] Tower Phoenix

I'm the leader of a small group of 4 as of the moment and looking for new or old players who want to join. I am on usually between the hours of 5pm and 3am eat.

Alliance Leader: LJ Hallam Alliance Name: Tower Phoenix

I am from Redemption Gaming a large gaming community. We have an active alliance in ship 2. We have a website and a discord. Here is what we have to offer!

-Weekly Game Nights: Run quests or just have fun -Military Rank Structure -Events: Chances to win prizes Ex. Premium -Always someone to play with on all ships

Ship 2 alliance: Immortals

If interested shoot me a message or sign up on our website!

Gt Smutty Capone

We have 300 active members! Across all 3 ships as well!! I lol forward to hearing from you!!

[Ship 01: Feoh]

Swift Knights The Swift Knights is an upcoming role-playing alliance that will be on ship 1. Currently looking for three other awesome members to form a core 4 to help get things running.

We do not have a dedicated time just yet but will be working on that to see which times work. However, it will likely be Central evening time.

Please check out our website and send in your application here.

Yo! if your interested in 12man mpas for UQs, leveling fast in AQs,gearing up properly, getting help on demand, going from casual to hardcore (optional) my alliance is all for it. Join my alliance "Stars End"!

The name is from Black Desert Online, one of the hardest grinding areas in that game. In PSO2 it is one of the most fun and chill alliance you can join. We are still growing and only helping out anyone motivated to play at anytime of the day. Always Super Hard runs and Very Hard runs when neccessary.

  • Ship2 -

Gamertag: YaMa BFK Discord: YaMa#5180 Discord Server:

{ship 1} Knights of Azur is an alliance focused on helping all members. not just the ones we are familiar playing with. new players, veteran players, returning players, those joining from the jp servers, all are welcome as long as you agree to group up with anyone in the alliannce looking to group up. look me up in game with my player id Eithos or add me on xbox Wilik#5569. we are strong as an individual but unstoppable as a team.


I will start playing on PC when it release next week. It will be a brand new experience for me. I am looking for an active alliance, big or small doesn't matter to me. I'm looking for some people who like to play using in game chat rather then voice chat. I'm not opposed to using it if i participate to something that will need more coordination, but for day to day playing, grinding and such, i'd love an active community that primarily use in game chat.

About me : I've been an avid MMO for a long time. My first one was FFXI and I still go back from time to time even today. I played PSO and PSU back in the days. Never played PSO2, but it checks a lot of the boxes for what i like and what i am looking for.

Nice to meet you all!

[Ship 1 - Feoh] We Hunt Rappies is a new alliance looking for individuals to grow with! We’re a small alliance, only 7 members and level 4. The goal is to attract new and experienced players to grind with, farm and just have fun. Requires you join our Alliance discord server which is used to foster communication between players and post weekly events.

If this sounds like the place for you, hit me up here on the forums or feel free to chat it up on our discord server,

@Ckeo9501 hey! If you’re still looking for an alliance, you might be interested in joining We Hunt Rappies! We’re a small but new guild in the game and we have a few active members. It’s a small community but I’d like it to grow a bit more. Our goal is to always have someone to partner up with for questing and more. I have a few players who are waiting until the PC release to join so you’d be starting with new players too. Hit me up here or on discord at Averagewitch#5935.


Ship 3 / Twilight Alliance

We at Twilight have hardcore players and chill, uplifting players that like to fool around time to time. Helping and making an enjoyable experience for each alliance mate is what we aim for. Block 10 is our home block and we're a smaller community ready to blossom with your help!

Currently we have two teams almost guaranteed, running new SHUQ's when they're first introduced, SHAQ focused players and players that just like to tag along.

Send an xbl message to xAuriiHikariix(I'm usually on around 2-3ish am cst) if you're interesting in joining and we'll meet up,thx!^^