Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

FlawlessVictory is coming back for PSO2 on Xbox/PC after a brief hiatus following a successful run on PSU for Xbox!

On PSU, our team focused mainly on Time Attack tournaments, efficient farming runs and the overall completion of content with the occasional break for shenanigans. PSO2 will be different content, but we plan to focus on the same things while having fun. FlawlessVictory won't be the largest alliance but will aim to be amongst the best players.

Alliance Name: FlawlessVictory

Ship: 2 Ur

Founding Members:

  • SpawN [Gamertag: BuLLeeTT]
  • Bumblebee [Gamertag: SlyMonkey9]
  • The Robot [Gamertag: The Aminal]

It's been nice to see some familiar PSU names making a comeback as well as some of the experienced JP PSO2 players making the jump - both of which are the type of players we are looking to group up with. Add my Gamertag (The Aminal) to talk more, get our discord info and do some runs. We will be on the beta tonight starting at 8 PM EST if you want to hang out.

Ship 1 -- Sailor Scouts PSO2

Welcome, welcome! Be apart of the Sailor Scouts! We are a friendly alliance that accepts all types of members. We've made a discord and website for you to enjoy and communicate with eachother. I'm from the east coast in EST but any time zone is welcome to join. You are also welcome to invite your friends to the game for them to join! I'm going to be a main PC player but accept players from Xbox and beyond! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope we can all get along and have fun!

Xbox Gamertag: Katashi16 (if you want to add me to bring you into our alliance feel free!)

Discord Invite

Alliance Website

Have fun in the CBT! Hope to see you there until release!

@Aridani9536 This is my main account, not sure what happened lol but join Sailor Scouts! You can PM this account if you have questions!!

@Bashea Haha.. I blame the 18 hour PSO2 beta session.. RIP. Please do take it as a compliment, clean template ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unfortunately it wont let me edit the post though.

Server: Ship 2

Alliance: Aim To Kill

Alliance Level: 4

Members At This Time: 10

Who Can Join: Anyone no matter your skill level or progress, join us and benefit on just knowing that you can just enjoy the game at your own pace with no pressure.

Who to Contact: ATK Blackdawn ( Leader ) (Xbox GT)

Rules: Just be respectful and have fun

[SHIP2 - UR] Reapers

Hello Arks operatives,

ยซReapersยป is recruiting new members and veteran players! We have a discord that is open to all that wish to join our ranks, you can join the discord here

We already have a handful of veteran players online that can answer most any question that any newcomer will have!

We pride ourselves on being an active community that anyone can join an ingame party with others at any time. We also play other games as well!

For more information, or to join, get in touch with one of our Officers!

Officers: (Xbox GTs and Discord Information)

  • GrimmReaperXIII - GrimReaperXIII#2863
  • KingKrucialTV - KingKrucialTV#5024
  • Killacaps617 - Caps#7951

We hope to see you all in the game!

@Bashea said in Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!:

[Ship 1-Feoh] Society

Veteran PSU / PSO2 Players recruiting new and old players to our Alliance! We have a professional website and Discord server for your use, as well as a Xbox club for both our network/community and Ship 1. Everyone is welcome to use our site for their personal, and or Alliance use! We would love to form relationships with other teams and recruit any new or old players to our alliance itself. We are a very welcoming and friendly community looking to enjoy the game and have fun. You may find more information about us here at

Enjoy the CBT Arks!

Ship 2-Ur Tears Of Azrael Ill be brief Tears of Azrael is recruiting for the future release we already have around 15 members and welcome anyone who wants to play reguardless of age, level, and how often you wanna play. (Though you need to be mature in how you act ^-^) We have a discord and our alliance has unlocked most of the expansions already and have begun leveling up our photon tree for alliance buffs! If your interested please let me know and ill get you our discord info. Hope to see you all there! We also have plans to work on becoming content creators for the game but we will see how that goes and are working on a alliance website! ๐Ÿ‘


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I'll be looking to recruit people on Ship 6 once PC is available, see my thread here:

We are pvE Focused.

The Fallen [Ship 1]

The Fallen alliance is recruiting Veteran and New players alike. A well established clan on many other Xbox MMO Games is coming to PSO2! Everyone is welcome to join Check out the discord in my signature and message a moderator if interested in joining the alliance!.............. (our discord is open to everyone to help group up too!)

  • Be respectful to others!

  • Harassment will not be tolerated at all

  • Play At least weekly

  • Interested in becoming the best you can at the game

  • PvP and PvE Focused

If you do not have discord that is fine just message me on here and i will get back to you asap!

@GM-Deynger Heyo, may I request sub-forums for each ship? I think that would make organization really nice.

@Bashea said in Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!:

@GM-Deynger Heyo, may I request sub-forums for each ship? I think that would make organization really nice.

Now that is a good idea ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

[Ship 2- Ur]

Hey guys! Paradox is an alliance on ship 2 that I created with a few guys! If anyone just wants a good group of people to run with would love to get lots more cool people. We have like 15 people from the beta, some of us hardcore and others casual. Either way we all got along and had fun. Lmk if you are interested in joining. Just trying to find more friends for when the game releases! Add my Xbox GT: CombatSniper7 Name in game is illusive I started a discord for everyone to chat until release! Hopefully soon! Anyone is welcome!