Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

Hey Band1t997 here, ive watched some of your videos to get ready and I would love to join you, Going to try and make meet up time but im also letting my wife design my avatar so running late could be very real.

Eternal Paradise is also a Facebook group that has existed for years. . It is a group solely based on the love for all anime and gaming. You are not judged for what you like you will not be judged for what like after all everybody has their own taste. I will also be making a Discord soon as well.

You should probably put down which Ship your going to be on.

Hello everyone! NSE is just a friendly Alliance being started or should I say brought back for PSO2. A lot of our members have been together since PSU until the servers shut down. Regardless if you would like to join the Alliance, it's always nice to just meet people to play with, and have fun.

@oNazri would love to join I'll hit you up over Xbox if that's ok.

[Ship 02 Ur] Ninja Soul Eternal

Friendly Alliance. Serious and casual players. Just say Hi

Recruiting for the Alliance Silver Dragons. This is going to be a group dedicated to doing endgame content and helping new players up to the endgame. I'll be making the team as soon as I am able to, so if you would like to join feel free to send me a message!

Just for reference we will be meeting in block 31

@Liquideathx1 said in Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!:

@oNazri would love to join I'll hit you up over Xbox if that's ok.

Of course just shoot me a message!! Glad to have more members!

I would love to join, but the only server up is feoh

Hello New recruits. Im Kaos ! I have a discord group assembled for grouping on Phantasy Star 2! If you are interested just check out my profile to join! We already have several members that play a ton of other games! Come stop by and say hello! Lets all make new friends in this new Universe! We are mainly on server 1

@pHIXXdEUXX said in [Ship 3-Thorn] Apex:

I would love to join, but the only server up is feoh

Soon Ship 3 will be up and we'll be set up on there.

We'll be creating an alliance for the Wonderland Community. Anyone is allowed to apply.

Our Discord:


Currently during the CBT the Team is on Ship 1 and will be Located here due to the inability to go to Ship 3 during the CBT.

Sorry for the inconvenience to all those who applied recently!

Have a nice day.

Leader - Darth Malice

Purpose - Assisting other players, hardcore content grinding, chilling and killing, all of the above.

If anyone is interested just send me a message over here and I will hook you up.

Low effort at the moment, but after drill weekend and the CBT is closed, I will set up a proper location to strategize before the OBT