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[SHIP 1: FEOH] Geek Squad Recruiting!

What’s up homies! My names KFC other people know me as Colonel Sanders

Another Officer and myself were event coordinators of the Top Alliance Ultd Loli Works for the previous seasons (since CBT).

We have decided to take our knowledge and start our own alliance so that we can build up a community of amazing players that love to communicate, grind, and chill over voice chat sometimes!

We plan to host Casino Nights, 12-Man Urgent Quest/Explorations/Ultis, Fashion Shows, and AC Giveaways once we get plenty of recruits!

I am reaching out to everyone (In-and-Out of an alliance) to see if anyone was interested in building with us to make Geek Squad amazing!

(UPDATE: Geek Squad has merged with alliances Fauna, Bum Fight Crew, and Careless, we are now at 94/100 slots. However, we plan to purge the current inactives


Gamertag: Mr EatsKFCalot PNID: KFC alt text

[Ship 3-Thorn]

Name: Yomi

Leader: Grim VB3 (GM$ Buji#0003)

Officer(s): haeza (haeza#0001), Yasukes(Jeff#6841) ,Wammo (Wammo#1299), [Neko] (Neko#7109)

Type: Semi Casual

Active Timezone(s): A majority of the members are EST and are the most active 6 PM EST and later, but a lot of members log on random times throughout the day.

Alliance Requirements: Don’t be cringe and willing to learn the game

Alliance Description: Are you tired of people using Nox weapons in your Ultimate farm parties? 14 minute VR runs? Can’t seem to ever kill Golden Magatsu? Then look no further.... because here at Yomi we strive to be competent and be efficient

The alliance was created during the Xbox launch with a few members and quickly grew with the PC launch as friends and friends of friends continued to join. Everyone usually does their own thing but often times we would do alliance VHAQ/SHAQ, Ultimate, and UQ (the good ones, none of that Daybreak shit) runs from time to time. We have an alliance discord where we do most of our talking. Many of us have known each other for years and we tend to joke around a lot. The alliance has no filter so if you are easily offended then this may not be the alliance for you. If you are interested then feel free to DM me or any other officers/leader on discord or in game.

<Burly> - (NA) English Speakers Only Ship 2

Wana see 4 players clear ultimate's faster than any 12-man? we got you 😨

Recruiting all players new & old

Looking for active players

Currently 90 members strong

Movie Nights and random ACTIVE voice chat banter and bullshit.

PvX Looking to do all content

No Snowflakes

Laid back & Chill community

Some Experienced players!

Interested in Joining? : PM me on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace #9889

We don't care to RUSH to end-game

We are a group of really good friends who are looking for all walks of gamer's. We are run by three very headstrong, straight forward leaders and know exactly who we want to be apart of our little gang we are building to take over the gaming world.


Toxicity will NOT be tolerated towards one another nor other players within the game and will be handled with swiftness. Although our guild is very open to all sorts of humor we ask that you as a human being, take responsibility in your actions and know when enough is enough.


Discord is NOT a must but is definitely nice to have new faces around and we want to meet you all. As our guild has originated from Black Desert Online we have an open community within our discord but, have our own special section for Phantasy star online 2 so you will not be flooded with messages.

Our discord is a community with all sorts of types of humor, memes, shit posting. Our discord is not for you to advertise yourself as a streamer or content creator. Share some memes with us 😰

Guild Expectations

Help out fellow alliance members. Step up for responsibility if needed. HAVE FUN We hope you choose us as your new home if even for the slightest bit.

Interested in Joining? PM on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace#9889

[Ship 1-Feoh] Mythical

Player ID Name: Riesz (I am usually playing on my CAST Vaalanna, they just became a level 75 ranger, so I've been leveling up other classes for them now, I also have a level 75 hunter with the same name as my ID).

Typical Hours: I'm usually online from 9PM - 2AM EST (but I am online for a couple hours around the afternoon too).

Active officers: Unfortunately I do not have many members at the moment so do not have any officers, I'm on every day though.

Alliance Type: Casual (the goal is to make a strong alliance though), Social (as in I expect you to at least so much as respond to what other people type, you don't have to be crazy social), New Player Friendly, Helpful (you help not only people in the alliance that need help but anyone you see needs help in general).

If you want to learn more about what I want out of my alliance members check out my complete post about it. I'm pretty much looking for anyone at the moment as long as you don't make people feel uncomfortable. Start a chat with me on my profile or apply to the alliance in game if you are interested (you should be able to automatically join though).

Redemption Gaming is recruiting for our halo division. We are on awesome community with over 500 members! We have a website, discord and tons of game nights!



-Military Rank Structure

-Game Nights





-Someone to game with Daily

To join head over to our website

[Ship 3 - Thorn]

Name: Clawsome

Leader: Vezhris

Type: Semi-casual

Focus: Leveling, gear, fashion, memes, Alliance Quarters, and having a great time

Active Timezone(s): All, but most during Evening/Overnight/Morning server time (EU/Asia friendly).

Alliance Preferences (Not requirements): PC, English, Discord (chatting/sharing encouraged but not required), playing primarily on the alliance block

  • Excellent Photon Tree buffs
  • Zero drama
  • We have some PSO and JP vets and we really love PSO2
  • We are occasionally social, but most of us like to actually play
  • Welcoming players of all backgrounds and skill levels
  • Established on PC release day

For the most part, I run this alliance by myself. It is a labor of love ❤ The best way to contact me is in-game (I am nocturnal - if I'm sleeping you can leave a message via kudos).

If you choose to reply to my alliance post (see my signature below) rather than in game, please do not expect an immediate reply. I will invite you as soon as I am awake.

[Ship 2- UR]

Moin Arks, wir die Gilde "High Five" suchen noch Verstärkung auf Schiff 2 für die Gilde. Wir sind derzeit über 20 Spieler bestehend aus Neulingen und Veteranen. Bei Interesse meldet euch gern. Wir sind auch eine nette und aktive Truppe 😉 Unser Gildendiscord:

Hi, im Lily, the leader of void. And we're looking for anyone interested in improving in the game, learning to be self sufficient etc. Then we're the alliance for you! We run daily SHAQs, ultimate quests and urgents together as a group. We have no trouble power leveling, teaching to augment, or helping out monetarily. We have a discord that we use for voice chat and the spread of information as well. Ill post the link at the bottom if you're interested in checking out our community before you join. If you also have any questions feel free to pm me on my discord, which will also be below.

Discord name: Jake_____#1694

Discord link :

[Ship 2 - Ur] Distortion

Distortion alliance is recruiting! We're looking for players to join us in end-game focused content: ARKS triggers, Advanced quests, Ultimate runs, and affix farming.

We don't have any requirements other than willing participants and ability (... and setting your player ID so that we're not overrun by PN375826350723647236578926384672538964702364072's - a guide to do so can be found here:! ). Like I said - we've no demands for commiting to particular times or events. Most of our members are in EST though we have some in PST (and overseas) - so you're likely to find peeps to party with if you're on at conducive times to those zones.

We have a discord for social and gameplay chat, with channels for other MMO's (FFXIV, Monster Hunter, etc.) as well. Many of our members play several of the aforementioned games and are happy to share knowledge and experience. If you're interested in any of the above or are working on getting to that content - let us know!

Apply at the in-game terminal or PM the following members on discord: Timeless#9507 CrowlyCrowe#6048 hushmunkey#3367

[Ship 2] Shine

Overall just a medium sized alliance of chill people looking for a few members. We have a handful of people on at a time and just kind of log on and do whatever. We run all game content and are helpful to new players. We prefer talkative members and use the in game chat, discord. The discord has a lot of guides in the pins and we try to answer any questions that our members ask.

The discord is pretty active, and we run alliance events weekly with bigger events monthly.

If anyone is interested just message Deku#0679 on discord.

Alternatively, you can apply in game using Alliance Search function on visiphone and I will add you asap.

[Ship 3] Kaleidoscope- A small semi casual alliance that's focused on just being cute and enjoying the day by day of the game. EST focused.

Name: Kaleidoscope

Leader: Hanakotoba

Manager: BlazeLatias

Type: Semi-Casual/Light progression Focus/Having Fun

Active Timezone: EST

Alliance requirements: Despite being a semi-casual alliance we are looking for players that are 100% or close to ready for Episode 4’s Launch so we can all partake in the content together. Our alliance consists of both NA players new to PSO2 and some jp vets so anyone is welcome as long as you meet the above requirements. If you are looking for a social alliance and like PSO2 you will be more then welcome to join!

Our alliance consists of 5 players currently so were small but all of us are more than happy to help out and play together whenever we all get the chance to do so.

To clarify all you really need to be ready for Ep4 with us is to just have a few capped classes so you can do XH content with the rest of the alliance outside of that you don’t really need anything special.

If you don't we have members that don't mind lending a hand to help, the most important part about the game is having fun after all.

If you are looking for small, but warm group feel free to contact me on discord Hanakotoba#6391~

Ship: 02

Name: Aquios

Leader: Player ID: Levanevski (@Savina)

Manager(s): Player ID: Levanevski / NightCrawler001

Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): Casual

Active Timezone(s): Pacific region

Alliance Requirements: just be polite, we are here to help a new player get more comfortable playing and interacting in PSO2.

Alliance Description: An alliance made by JP-vet to help new players in NA.

I want to help build a bigger PSO2NA community. New player are usually at a loss when they started playing because the content in NA skips over several development steps compared to JP. Therefore we aim to help and guide new player find what they want to do in the game and integrate into bigger PSO2 community.

Consider this alliance as an introductory school for a new player.

You can chat with other newbies comfortably, asking a higher levelled member to help you finish a quest or doing UQ, or ask newbie question without worry as that is the purpose of this alliance. You can also experience alliance life and its advantage over a solo player here without bothering other more serious alliance.

If after a while you find what you want to do and an alliance that fits your need, feel free to graduate from here and join an endgame focused alliance, just say hi occasionally and we'll be happy ;D



  • We're Aerostar, our team consists of players from Europe, The United Kingdom and The United States, we are International based and open to players from a global audience, this allows us to have players available during a variety of timezones to take part in activities and we encourage everyone from all regions to take part as we want everyone to enjoy Phantasy Star as a whole together.

You can check out our Forum post here: Link

How can I join?

You can get in touch with us by contacting any of the following players in-game:

  • Joycie, Kaede, KingSword

You can also get in touch with us via our Discord Server linked below

Discord Server here


[SHIP 2 – Ur] Waifu Hour – A small SEMI-CASUAL Alliance that wants available members on PSO2 or Discord for Urgent Quests and the like. [We’re primarily an A+ Tier GBF crew, but that is an entirely different monster!]

Leader – Kather

Type – Semi-Casual / Always Craving Meseta

Active Timezone – Late EST and PST

Favored Block – Block 23 [RIP BLOCK 111 and 88 🙏 ]

Alliance Description – Currently we’ll take anyone willing to join! Don’t even have to stay permanently! You can even make this a temporary guild till you find a bigger, better one!

Our Discord is pretty simple, and we should like what YOU like. (Assuming part of the reason you play PSO2 is b/c you like weeb shit, 2D girls, and erotic “Chinese” comics.)

Lots of GBF players, some Yostar games, some DereSute players.

If you play DECEIT (on STEAM), that is a nice bonus!

If you are new to PSO2, we got people to help get you started too!

Contact Methods:

  • Either try to find us in Visiophone [search : Waifu Hour] and contact Alliance Leader.
  • PM Discord: Maid_in_China#5186
  • We’ll get you in as soon as possible~! ❤