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Hey Everyone!

Gekkostate is still recruiting people on Ship 01! We are a casual group working our way towards endgame content but have a focus on "casual" currently since most of us have a lot of other stuff going on in our lives. Currently there are 17 of us, a few of us are finally hitting 75 and usually a few groups form during the day for various things.

Check out my original post below and feel free to contact me there or on discord for any other questions πŸ™‚

[Ship 02-Ur]

No Life (18+)

Alliance looking for more! Most of our players are ffxiv refugees playing pso2 on PC. Looking to recruit more players to make playing more fun, meet cool folks, and get our tree big and strong. We're all chill people who just want to enjoy the game together. Some people are of the more competitive playstyle and want to push big dmg and play at a high level. Some others are just playing at their own pace and immersing in the world of phantasy star how they please. For however you wish to play the game (No Life) could be the alliance for you. Most people are of the social type, and hang out in the discord while playing, but don't feel obligated to.

Our only rule is to be kind and cool to everyone! I.E: No discrimination or mistreatment of any kind. And fair warning we are a bunch of goofballs so have a sense of humor! Hope to see you on ship 2!

Character Name: Potato ID: Tato

Discord: Potato#0869

Feel free to message me anytime, I'm almost always on!

Hi there!

Red Ring Recon on Ship 01 is always welcoming new players. We're not crazy fancy, but we've got a pretty cool name and flag and walking onto Pioneer II blew me and few friends away. You should come check it out too!

We're at about 12 members and it's pretty quiet most of the times. You don't have to chat, you don't even have to join the Discord I literally just finished making, but you're definitely welcome to share in our bounties.

Holler at me in-game, as Zitheg (or Redria) or on Discord at Zitheg#8854!

Name: MoeKoi [ship 1]

Type: Casual -> Midcore, Friendly and Social!

Time Zone: PST based. No time zone restrictions!! All Active friendly individuals welcome!!

Population: Currently we are only 10 strong but I hope to build a strong community of friends soon!

Description: Anime Lovers, Meme lords, Midcore or casual, All are welcome to MoeKoi!! I know playing a MMO can be kinda lonely sometimes. Sometimes you can get stuck or wish you had some friends that shared your interest. Well Look no further!!! Here at MoeKoi inc (trade mark pending) I hope to create a space for you to meet friends and build connections that can extend even beyond the game! I'm not too strict and don't require too much so if you want to come help me build this community, just message me directly (in game or discord) and lets get this started!! LET'S CASUALLY AIM FOR NUMBER 1!! Haha or not idk we'll play it by ear.

Discord server provided at request. Message me at InoriAikawa#5931 on discord or through in-game at InoriAikawa to receive invite.!!

[Ship 2: Ur] Grinders are recruiting. We are a small alliance looking to grow and enjoy everything the game has to offer. We are very active and engaging with new and veterans alike. We help when needed even if we are over leveled and helping out new players.

If interested join our discord here:

Only thing we ask is you be active.

β—½ Name: High Frequency β—½ Ship: 3 - "Thorn" β–« Leader's Character Name: APOCALYPSE β–« Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): From Semi-Casual to Serious β–« Active Timezone(s): Unspecified. β–« Alliance Requirements: Be able to speak and understand english, have good manners and share good vibes. You can be any level and any class; anyone that satisfies the Alliance Requirements is welcome to join and express themselves in their own unique way. For everyone to get along we must respect and help eachother out like a community should. The keyword is Respect. β–« Alliance Description: This alliance is a gathering for all types of players that are ready to immerse themselves in the futuristic sci-fi world of Phantasy Star Online 2. The Discord server has a section with all the guides you need to get started with PSO2, as well as tips and advices that most players are not necessarily aware of. Everyone is welcome!

β–«Alliance Quarters: β–«Alliance Icon: β–«Alliance Discord Server:

Ship03-Thorn No FUN Allowed Regularly on: WarriorofSera(Me), Sare(leader), Edes, Kashyahana

Laid back group that likes talking, leveling, farming, and helping new players and old out along with just having fun. We play at all times ranging from morning to well after midnight. We are happy to answer any questions or point you out links to them. We also have a discord where you are free to post if you decided to join!

Vagrant Heroes Ship 2 (Ur) Leader: Zeitjager Currently level 4 alliance. Semi Casual group looking to fill its ranks. We're chill, solo players welcome. Were here to relax and enjoy the game. Random play times At your own pace play style. You do you. Optional discord. Thank you for your time!

[Ship 3: Thorn] ARKS Academy

  • Leader: (In-game) Bette, (Discord) Bette#8483

  • Type: Casual, Beginner Focused

  • Rank: max

  • Language: English only

  • Discord: required, mic/voice optional.

  • Active Time Zone: events are scheduled around Central/Eastern friendly hours, but all NA time zones are welcome.

  • Etiquette: typical etiquette rules apply, outlined in our charter.

Please click the link to our recruitment thread in my signature for details and discussion!

Ello All!! -Avalanche- is currently recruiting! I'm honestly bad at this kinda like doing a bio at a dating app. We are a chilled Alliance for jokes around here and there and do runs together. I mostly play in the morning due to work while my officer (irl friend) plays in the afternoon so there someone to always help. We do have a discord but it not required to do but you can if you would like to feel free to. If you have any questions feel free to message me either online (Tasywolf) or on discord (Chi Charron#1477) Thank you for your time on reading this ad.

Other info Level :5 Photon tree: level 6 Atk buff language: English only requirement: have fun and enjoy the game

🍈🍈🍈 MELON 🍈🍈🍈 =---------------= We are on Ship 2: UR ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ What Melon's got to offer: ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

  • We are a Casual alliance that gets into a little bit of everything. We do Ultimate Quests, Advance Quest farming, Urgent Quest group-ups and more. We are pretty laid back and prefer to have fun as a group with our members. Most of our current members are beginners with a few that have played on the Japanese server, but everyone is more than welcome to join!
  • We are currently a level 5 alliance and currently building our Photon Tree. As we get more members and contributions, we will get it to max. Our more experienced members are around to help members get up to endgame.
  • Friendly, welcoming environment to all players whether you're brand new, returning, or a veteran player. We are also, of course, LGBTQ+ friendly!
  • A bustling and social Discord community that plays many different games together and hosts viewing parties and game nights!
  • Our Discord has hundreds of emotes, many custom, and we are active in voice chat daily!

Alliance Name: Dragon Tea
Leader: LuckyCat Ship: 3 Language: English Type: Casual, Friendly Communication: Discord and chat in-game

We are ranked usually around 10-15 in the server and we always clean our innactive members!

If you are interested please PM me on discord: Lucky#6414 or join our discord (Q7fvcdv)

<Burly> - (NA) English Speakers Only Ship 2

Recruiting all players new & old

Looking for active players

Currently 90 members strong

Movie Nights and random ACTIVE voice chat banter and bullshit.

PvX Looking to do all content

No Snowflakes

Laid back & Chill community

Some Experienced players!

Interested in Joining? : PM me on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace #9889

We don't care to RUSH to end-game

We are a group of really good friends who are looking for all walks of gamer's. We are run by three very headstrong, straight forward leaders and know exactly who we want to be apart of our little gang we are building to take over the gaming world.


Toxicity will NOT be tolerated towards one another nor other players within the game and will be handled with swiftness. Although our guild is very open to all sorts of humor we ask that you as a human being, take responsibility in your actions and know when enough is enough.


Discord is NOT a must but is definitely nice to have new faces around and we want to meet you all. As our guild has originated from Black Desert Online we have an open community within our discord but, have our own special section for Phantasy star online 2 so you will not be flooded with messages.

Our discord is a community with all sorts of types of humor, memes, shit posting. Our discord is not for you to advertise yourself as a streamer or content creator. Share some memes with us 😰

Guild Expectations

Help out fellow alliance members. Step up for responsibility if needed. HAVE FUN We hope you choose us as your new home if even for the slightest bit.

Interested in Joining? PM on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace#9889


[Ship 2 - Ur]

Alliance Name: Turtle Rock

Leader: Xbox tag: ArrivingPoppy63 PSO2 characters: Dorian Frey, Mai Frey, Cole Frey, Lelian Frey Manager(s): Slowe & Storage Unit Type: Casual, Semi Casual, what ever. Active Time Zone(s): Mixed time zones. I’m on pretty much all the time at various hours (I’m Alaska time) Alliance Requirements: Just enjoy the game.

Alliance Description: Hello all! We are just a group of turtles who have known each other for quit awhile looking to expand our group of friends. A mix of old school Phantasy Star Online 1 and all Phantasy Star games since the beginning player to this being their first journey into PSO. All are welcome no matter your experience level. Our group is also mixed PC and Xbox (we use discord for game chat) and I know the workaround for a broken party up system. We have a discord that’s for everything, not just PSO 2 because let’s face it we have so many different games and systems we play. If interested hit me up in game or on here. πŸ’πŸ’š

Do you like booty? Do you like demon girls? Now if you said yes to these come join the Alliance Helltakers on ship one. We are looking for active/semi active players to join. If you got some lovely demon girls to show off or some juicy NFSW of then come join our discord. Worried about taking a break abit until episode 4 we still welcome you just be active in posting some lovely demon girls in the discord. The requirements is to change you player ID and be nice to your fellow Arkmembers. Any question you can message me on here (ChiCharron#1477) or on my player ID (Tasywolf).