Ship 2 is KIA...

Ship 2 just went down.

a first for me right in the middle of vegas how lame

Same for me, I was trying to load into the second VR Urgent Quest and it wouldn't load. Closed the game, relaunched, now I can't connect to Ship 2.

It's funny how it's just ship 2 aswell, Ships 1 and 3 are alright, but 2's got the boot big time.

probably the work of gemini

The Ai is learning they attacked our greatest weakness internet stability.

Nothing on twitter about what it is or how long it'll take 😞

Sigh do I keep playing this game lol



Twitter updated 3m's ago they're looking into it so I guess sit and wait? 😞

Yea our whole alliance got kicked while we were planning to do AQ. I am sure it was an issue with script or something like that... I mean i dont think they wouldnt compensate us some SG for this issue depending on how long it goes.

@PhantasyStar719 don't think I saw compensation when it happened during PC launch.

Only compensation I recall was when it occurred during PSO2 day. They made it last all weekend.

Since it isn't linked here yet. Here's an official twitter post about Ship 2:

@John-Paul-RAGE That's truly unfortunate but i need to remember PSU saw the same treatment. Guess its alot to ask given the dedication we as the community share for this franchise; but i guess we need to remain patient through the process i guess.

@PhantasyStar719 I think it would depend on the length of the ship being down. If it is back within an hour there probably won't be anything to expect.