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Jagex is the best when it comes to this stuff. Granted there's still some bots in Runescape, but they took a sharp decline when the Bot Nuking Day hit. They just have systems in place that can detect who a bot is and just ban them on the stop.

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I can't see a single way they could design an AI program intelligent enough to level it self with this game. It not like other MMOs were you tab target and enemy than press 1,2,3,4,5 to use attacks. An determining the exact x,y,z coordinates to navigate through the map would be impossible when the map layout is completely different 100% of the time.

I seen farm bots on JP PSO2 before, have not on NA yet - maybe they use private rooms.

They don't move normally, they teleport all around the map and killing everything with ranged attacks often out of range of the mob to be able to attack them - the ones I saw were launcher users. Back then when ARKs league happened alot, you will see some ridiculous number of boss kills - those are bots because how do you kill 200+ catedrans in 30mins.....

And I think you are underestimating bots. On FFXIV they are able to detect FATEs and gather points which pops up randomly around the map.

I like to pretend they are human and get butt hurt each time I report them and block them.

@HarmlessSyan That requires more than just an AI bot program to run it requires a cheat engine. And it very rare to see something like that mass replicated one because it not easy to make and two because the devs can reverse engineer the cheat engine and patch the game so the cheat engine doesn't work anymore which than requires the bot maker to have to redesign their whole bot software.

Also I doubt those system in FFXIV are as random as you say I'm sure they have set spawn locations and a set value of how many there can be in the world at a time. So really all the bot maker has to do is figure out were all spawns are and set the bot to cycle through them all. Bless online had a similar system with gathering locations with an item called turban they'd always spawn in the same locations but only 6 could spawn in the whole region at a time.

@SonoVulpin For FATEs it's not a matter of where or how many spawn at a time but when they spawn. There's no set timer until just before they spawn like an unscheduled urgent quest and that similar stuff in Destiny 2's European Dead Zone (not sure if other planets have the same sort of open world thing in Destiny 2, haven't played it that much) or the main selling point of RIFT (I forget the exact details, only know about it because of Death of a Game). Also WoW's world quests. Seems like it's become a bit of an industry standard for MMOs and online lootershooters with MMO mechanics in recent years. (Makes me wonder if Warframe has something like this)

Emergency Trials have a similar system but the maps are randomly generated in PSO2 and most of the ones in the game right now don't have anything worth farming far as I know (maybe in UlQs but I haven't really touched those much yet, trying to get my sub class to 75 first).

Although gather points in FFXIV, I have no clue how those work. I seem to recall the rarest and most farm-worthy ones being a real pain to get because of how they spawn though.

Sega or Microsoft or whoever, you planning on doing something about these guys? They're becoming more and more common, more and more numerous, and more and more ANNOYING.

The only way to deal with this problem, Is to directly deal with from the source. one such website PSO2AH.COM, that spams these money bots constantly, It seems that the more you ban ,Or report them, The more the come back! These Roaches need to be dealt with in a Manner Like where everyone can file a report directly to have their website shut-down. The Sad thing is, This is just ONE of hundreds of websites like these. The Gm's and the Dev's themselves have the ability to put and end to this! By simply just cutting them off at the source and just completely ban their IP. Though this might be just a temporary solution, No doubt whoever is behind these sites will find a way around all this.

If you want to files a complaint directly, I would suggest the following :

Sites to file complaints

I feel strongly that I WILL NEVER-EVER UNDERSELL to the hardworking people that is PSO2, They have been working too dam hard to keep the game where its is now.

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By simply just cutting them off at the source and just completely ban their IP

They're already using VPNs that consistently change their IPs, they'd have to be stupid to not use them. The only solution is to file legal action, which is nigh impossible because not only are they using VPNs but they're also most likely using shell companies and other law evasion tricks.

Also I already reported YouTube to the BBB, they're more useless than you'd think.

Yes, legal action is too much effort, cost, and time that most companies want to bother with, not to mention the above reasons. It's 2020, and RMT spam is still a problem unless they implement a player run chat filter, preferably allowing regex/wildcard. If it's too complex for people to wrap their heads around, all it needs is someone making a solid effort and the rest can copypasta line(s), and gold spamming'll be irrelevant. Atm, using/creating a third party filter is quite difficult to impossible due to the combo of gameguard/microsoft integration.

I don't know why most companies don't add a chat filter, I can only think that it gives negative connotations, maybe player abuse, and some probably want to deny that RMT is a real problem. The mmos that allow addons/have a built in filter, WoW/ESO/Runescape/BDO/etc...their gold spam is hardly as intrusive until it gets to say, mailing/invites/etc.

Sadly, supposedly JP PSO2 also doesn't have an RMT issue, gl trying to get Sega to do anything when their cares are Japan centric.

Spam bots evolving, I just saw one that is lv29 ranger move stupidly fast from 1 side of gate area to the other side of the gate area to spam.

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and some probably want to deny that RMT is a real problem

Unlikely, major corporations absolutely despise when someone makes money on their products that they're not getting a cut of (or when people use their IPs without permission at all really but monetized use just ticks them off even more). Just look at Disney v Redbox or any lawsuit involving Adobe or how all these companies want to get rid of fair use and copyright safe harbor.