Please rerun the VR Training that happened at 2 PM EDT July 10th due to all servers going down

Edit: Sometime around 4 PM EDT servers are back. I also can't math and wrote the time wrong.

Edit at 2:52 PM EDT: Ship 1 and Ship 3 seem to be running but most people I've talked to said they had lag on those ships as well, one person apparently 630'd twice.


Server is legitimately lagging so hard we can barely run at all. Everyone on Ship 2 is talking in discord that everything is compeltely frozen now. A lot of people are 630'ing. I've been frozen for 3 minutes now with nothing happening.

Either please rerun it (this is possible if JP is anything to go by without a maintenance) or please give a free trigger or something. Really frustrating to lose this especially because it's Summoner's possible path to 12/13* synchro.

EDIT: Welp. Got this from someone else who can actually load the ship list, most of us can't even get that far. Server is straight up dead now.


Just a minor thing. It's July, not May.

If not rerunning, even some compensation would be nice. 😕 It was one of the few decently scheduled for EST timezones too and it's the only way to get Pure Photons v__v

@AndrlCh I just woke up when I made this post and still hadn't had coffee because I was in a rush to get to the urgent.

That's my excuse at least. Appreciate the fix, idk why I wrote May.

Didn't have any issues, but I would recommend jumping ship.

This isn't the first time ship two has crash. It happened maybe the first week of PC launch where same situation occurred. Ship two entirely went down so some people learnt from that and just abandoned ship two/ moved over to 1 or 3 since those ships were up and running.

Expect this to happen again eventually if you still want to stay on ship 2, but consider the pros/cons of choosing ship 2 over ship 1 or 3.

@GoldBird8956276 One of my friends on Ship 3 said they ended up 630'ing 3 times in the time that ship 2 was completely down, and couldn't even reconnect for a while, and this wasn't just them either, so it wasn't just ship 2. Ship 2 just took the biggest hit.

At the very least though they're apparently aware of the issue and responded hella fast this time.

Hmm just wondering, but do you/your friends use tweaker?

@GoldBird8956276 a ship going down twice in 2 months is hardly a reason to avoid it, especially when the second time was only for 40ish minutes?

Much more popular games have outages more often.