Virtual Planet UQ horrible lag

Game is just freezing for several minutes straight, no disconnection or anything the numbers just stop showing up. Please fix. Happened twice in the last 10 minutes.

having the same issue

Somehow, the game just went FUBAR. Fix your servers oi, SEGA, Microsoft.

Ship 2 appears to be down 😞

Same thing happened to me, re-logged and now game hangs when connecting after selecting ship. (Ship 2)

Yea ship 2 is down

it's lagging badly. even advance quest is dead. cannot chat in lobby

I just tried to log in, and I'm stuck on the ship select screen.

Ship 2 is in maintenance for those who don't see it. Other ships are fine

So I guess something happened. I was wondering what the weird lag was and then I was in a super weird limbo in the VR quest 😕 Really bummed as it's the only way to get the things I need to upgrade my ring and most of the times for the quest have been horrible.

I just got disconnected from ship 2 after the V R urgent quest now its telling me "maintenance in progress" for ship 2 other ships seem to be "normal" I hope they rerun these V R quests they seem so rare lately and now to break down due to a maintenance...

I managed to finish one run before Ship 2 crashed. There was horrendous lag with a Code: Disaster near the end though. Then I got stuck in a forever loading screen when our party tried for another VR run.

Oh thank god it's not just me. I thought I somehow borked my account. Why is it only ship 2? Wtf?

@Hipsterghost811 I'm starting to think we have faulty engines, or because people are Idling for to long its stalling the ship out. Jokes aside I noticed the Ship always crashes during UQ's.

@Altoh-Evol lol we need a dev now to be a mechanic on our ship. We seem to always have the driver hit the big red button.