Creating a party shouldn't put you at risk of being banned.

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Another option is simply leaving the party as soon as someone doesn't listen. Although I am not sure if there are consequences for leaving early multiple times, so it might be safer to simply leave the party at the end of the mission and making a new one entirely.

Leaving Urgent Quests is bannable in JP after at least 3 times.

@coldreactive What they regulate in JP is to be the first player to quit from certain UQs after the quest has started with the maximum players of 12. If someone repeats this act for a certain number of times within a certain period, they can be subject to account suspension or permanent ban.

As far as I know, they never have commented a specific number like 3, and I guess they never will.

kicking ppl from a party is pretty weird to me. you guys really do that on NA?

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kicking ppl from a party is pretty weird to me. you guys really do that on NA?

People do it a lot in Final Fantasy XIV on NA/EU servers too. I once got kicked in Final Fantasy XIV simply because I didn't speak french in a party that had at least 5 french people on the EU Data Center way back in A Realm Reborn when Moogle King was just made required for Main Story.

Also got kicked once in FFXIV for not using the Astrologian stun, because the tank was with friends and didn't want to use cooldowns/get better gear in Aetherochemical Research facility, and blamed me for not using my stun so that he wouldn't take damage (even though the stun lasts only 2 seconds or so.) He died within 3 seconds of the pull.

Got kicked once in Neverreap in FFXIV for not maintaining Enochian as Black Mage back when Heavensward was just released basically. I reported this to a GM actually, and the GM said it would be elevated, as people shouldn't have kicked me for that. Not more than a day later, the game got a hotfix patch to increase the timer on Astral Fire/Umbral Ice by 2 seconds. Making it infinitely easier to maintain. (This was when Blizzard IV would refresh Enochian's buff timer, giving 5 seconds less each time. Which also required you to be in astral/umbral fire/ice too on top of that.)

I also got kicked once in FFXIV as an Astrologian from a Duty Finder (IE: Random instance finder for dungeons/etc.) where the other free members were pre-formed and needed a random healer from it. I didn't stock balance, and they were phase skipping on the second boss because of how much damage they were doing. They asked me about it, and as soon as I told them I wasn't stocking balance, they kicked me on the spot. (I had one balance once, but I had to shuffle it so I could get Ewer for MP Regen back when the cards weren't all damage up. Since I needed the MP more for healing.)

NA and EU players are much, much more kick happy in MMOs than you can ever imagine. It's just how they are. I usually never kick unless it's absolutely necessary (IE: person AFKs or is offline for over 8 minutes.) If I have to kick based on lack of gear or incorrect mechanic usage / etc. (Or lack of a tank stance/etc.) I tell them that they should consider using said mechanic and doing it this or that way before I either leave myself or attempting to vote kick them. (In FFXIV we have a vote kick system. Even the leader cannot force kick a person in FFXIV.)

My buddies and I all have our fair share of stories from getting kicked from parties lol

A couple of my friends got kicked because of auto-chat this morning, and yesterday I was removed from an ultimate run just so the party had a slot for an alliance member. I wasn't even given the chance to join a different party via beacon--just instantly kicked back to lobby D'8

I'm really just complaining about how the party system works haha I get it if you only want certain people in your parties instead of a random. We've all been there. However, getting sent back to the lobby so easily is such a dumb mechanic lol

Set your party to alliance members only, or stipulate "no auto chat" in the description or something like that. It isn't hard to ask someone to disable their auto chat, and it only takes a few clicks to disable anyway. My friend is a nice gal, and she was so sad when someone said "your autochat is so cringe" before they kicked her from the party.

1 its not guaranteed to get a burst of it and its far too time consuming. 2 why remove someone during a game as you're penalising you and the other members from the 4 player boost, just get rid after the run. 3 if you're worried about getting in trouble for removing people 2 often then the major problem here is you.

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kicking ppl from a party is pretty weird to me. you guys really do that on NA?

only uptight idiots like this guy boot people.

I got screamed at once for killing stuff to quick 😕 to be honest you rarely run into tools like the op.

@Albert I think the settings don't stick sometimes. I save it in my settings, and then it feels like it refreshes and then I have to keep constantly checking the box. Usually I do this though, but there have been times I have made a party with the intention of inviting a friend or alliance member, and then randoms joined immediately. In that case, I would tell them it was an accident, and that I would boot them / disband to correct my mistake. Otherwise, your suggestion is fair.

@WHlTE-KNIGHT Your boost is paused when you are not in the field.

What a misleading title, you aren't getting punished for creating the party. It is because you decided kick people if there is any punishment at all.

If the Baize is dead, it's dead. Kicking someone isn't going to magically revive it. It's also going to piss that person off (for perfectly valid reasons, mind, not everyone has unlimited capsules to waste), you're going to be short 1 for the rest of the run (harder to get bursts, so you're actually making it worse for yourself?), and no one has actually gained anything from it. Leaving the Baize alive isn't a super obvious strategy, either. Most people just complete ECs as they come and don't think too hard about it. Some people might not even realize that the Baize spawns extra mobs the whole time its up.

Instead of just kicking them, next time stop and take ten seconds to explain why you want the Baize alive. Explaining at the start is helpful, too, because it's easy to miss a party name when most people leave that field blank. Boot them after the run is over if you want, it's your party, but booting anyone mid-run is just rude as hell and I hate to see that kind of attitude. If they don't listen or care then it wouldn't have made a difference anyway, but that way you're actually teaching some people why this is done instead of souring the whole experience for everyone and making people bitter.

I don't disagree with Flew Queen. Kicking them after the quest is over is probably more efficient and less stressful for all parties involved.