Creating a party shouldn't put you at risk of being banned.

Creating a party and clearly stating in both the name and description that if someone kills Baize they are getting kicked, and then someone joins and kills Baize and they get kicked.

This should not be something the party leader has to risk getting banned for. It cannot be anymore clear and yet, someone joining and not following instructions and being removed for not following instructions is a bannable offense?

I don't really understand this. I understand that toxic behavior should be punishable like, intentionally removing people for no reason. But when it's clearly stated why should that fall into it?

And it doesn't i don't know where you are getting this from.

@Macmaxi I've been told multiple times by people that removing people in the middle of a quest is a banable offense if you do it too often, automated I believe. What frequency counts as "too often", that I don't know I don't personally think it happens often at all but it's a bit worrying to think about an automated system doing it since they would lack the context of what happened.

I could be wrong seeing as I have not been suspended but it is a little bit worrying seeing as the volume of times I have been told this is a little bit more than just one guy making it up.

I would love an actual confirmation by SEGA since I am a little bit worried to continue this behavior but at the same time it is frustrating if I cannot do so.

I've yet to see anyone getting banned for something like this. I recommend just assuming that everyone is wrong, including me. The amount of misinformation on pso2 is kinda astounding, especially on NA. Especially don't trust the ones that claim to have played JP.

I don't know if there's anyone who has ever been banned for anything but outright hacking / exploiting and even those can get away with it in most cases. I don't have an answer for you, but it's safe to assume moderation is pretty much non-existent here.

@Macmaxi That's a bit comforting, hopefully you're right. I remember seeing a post on reddit about it maybe I can dig it up and see what it said abouit it.

I hav kicked ppl for being afk during quests or even for attacking lilis after being told to not do it and never had problems... i admit im too lazy to read ToS etc. but doubt is banneble, specialy if u hav a reason to kick then, is ur party after all.

And this is why I don't really do too many parties. Also know idea what this topic even is about it's missing some details if you ask me.

@animeregion It's for Advance Quests, Baize are a type of Emergency Code that can spawn and they spawn an infinite amount of mobs as long as they are alive.

This is important because spawns in Advance Quests are limited and if your goal is farming PSE Bursts, they're pretty much guaranteed to spawn a PSE if you don't kill the Baize until after the PSE has started.

I don't think anybody should get mad at you for killing Baize if you just didn't know and you were in a party that just didn't say anything about it, but it's explained in my party's comment. And the name of the party also indicates it.

I think that it would be pretty unfair and dickish to kick someone over something they would have had no idea about unless they read guides on that subject before attempting to do Advance Quests at all, I would appreciate if people did that but that's not something I can reasonably expect.

Doing that would fall into what I consider elitism and gatekeeping new players, but I do expect people to at least not join a party whose name they don't understand. Like if the party's name is Kill Baize = Kick, and they don't know what Baize is, they should probably either look it up or look for another party.

Hopefully I didn't misunderstand you, if you meant the topic as in kicking people out being a bannable offense, I was under the impression that kicking players out during an Advance Quest too often could lead to an automatic suspension due to it potentially being flagged as abusing the kick feature.

I haven't been banned so nothing has happened but I got a little bit concerned about it since I'm familiar with automatic bans from MMOs with trigger happy automatic bans. Just wanted to confirm if what I heard was true. And I guess there's no way to confirm unless SEGA themselves comment on it.

It's possible they didn't read it at all. I would suggest that when they also enter camp ship, you give an automessge reminding them of your policy there. I can't say for certain that's probably the reason, there could be others (such as them not caring enough to listen). Hopefully that helps. I think also, consider the payment of capsules. As long as you are paying for the whole party, I think it's fine since they lose nothing. (They may have gained some capsules in the mean time, but I don't know when exactly they would be doing this, it can vary case to case) I'm pretty sure anyone will listen if they understand the explanation, and why it is beneficial for them and everyone. (MORE EXP)

I'd say, avatars can have automated messages you can edit for when entering a mission, getting rares, getting a quick trial and so on. You could add a "Don't kill baize" message in one or more of those, if you have them unused, that is. Another method is to try and form a static party. I mean, a set group of friends or alliance members that are more likely to follow a dedicated party policy and goals. PUG and accepting randoms has always been a risk in all games, and should be the very last option to follow, as it's a case of "you get what you paid for"

These are ways I believe you can use to minimize the amount of kicks you may have to do.

@VoidEngineWhen said in Creating a party shouldn't put you at risk of being banned.:

I hav kicked ppl for being afk during quests or even for attacking lilis after being told to not do it and never had problems... i admit im too lazy to read ToS etc. but doubt is banneble, specialy if u hav a reason to kick then, is ur party after all.

I mean unless your kicking people every run than someone could toss a report of gameplay sabotage but if its only happening every once and awhile i doubt its anything to stress over.

Kicking people in the middle of a quest is a bannable offense for the purpose of preventing trolls from making a party than kicking people from it right as the loot crystal spawns after the UQ. That is why it bannable because if you clear say the profound darkness but your party leader kicks you right as it dies and before the crystal spawns you get no loot but also can't reque the UQ cause it considered to have been cleared already. In this case if your being reported I'd say take screenshots and videos so you can prove your not doing this to troll but because players aren't paying attention to what the party being made for and is trying to do.


I kill Baize just so I don't have to deal with the aftermath, on top of that its in a Advance Quests. Advance Quests cost items to paly it, there are other ways to get a PSE.

Yeah I would assume that abusing kicks would be bad, I don't know. To me if you're clearly told to not do something and you still do it I think you should expect it.

And from what I've been told I would usually be in the right with expecially how clear I make it to people in the party, the idea to pay for the whole party might be a good idea, since if I kick them they don't lose anything but time I guess.

@animeregion You would be right that if you have to deal with the aftermath I would kill Baize too, however I've never encountered a situation where a PSE wouldn't proc before Baize explodes on its own. Once PSE pops you usually finish off Baize so you don't have to deal with the aftermath. It's just an easy free PSE if you don't kill Baize right away, which some people do. And especially on City AQ where Baize spawns more regularily and sometimes due to bad map layout RNG is your only consistent hope of getting a PSE.

Another option is simply leaving the party as soon as someone doesn't listen. Although I am not sure if there are consequences for leaving early multiple times, so it might be safer to simply leave the party at the end of the mission and making a new one entirely.