account seems deleted

so I switched my ssd in my pc now when I log into pso it shows me that xbox live thing log in an I never had it before and it ol me to open account there after I enter the game it shows I got no chrs I clearly have one ine ship2 named Hakaze is there anyway to recover that Microsoft is a whole mess

also funny I got some ac packs before in that account an now at Microsoft store it shows I got nothing an it clearly the same account

You have to switch xbox accounts via the xbox app on your PC. You can't switch it in-game without going all the way to the press start / main menu.

If that doesn't fix your issue, then you have to talk with Microsoft Support, NOT PSO2 Support. (Same as anything related to microsoft store / account problems. Like purchasing.)

lol after talking with xbox they talk me I soul talk with pso staff about account

and funny thing I only have 1 windows account an never opend an xbox account when ever I logge into game it just logged normally with me doing anything