Hoping to trade roughly equal values.


  • Soulfire x2
  • Genga Scarf: Red x2
  • Genga Scarf: Black x2


(I may have more items not listed, such as alternate colors or versions))


  • Severing Shadow: Sea
  • Severing Shadow: Steel
  • Severing Shadow: Leaf
  • Occultic Vixen [Ou] (pink)
  • Flower Season Cafuu [Ou] x6 (purple, black, pink, orange, bluish, greenish) (I am estimating on these colors)=
  • Shrine Garb [Ba] x2
  • Flower Season Cafuu: Grace [Ba]


  • Enigma Bandages
  • Occultic Eyes [Ba]
  • Occultic Eyes: Ruby [Ba]
  • Occultic Eyes: Night [Ba] x3
  • Occultic Eyes: Snow [Ba]
  • Occultic Eyes: Shadow [Ba]

(no gender)

  • Genga Scarf
  • Genga Belt
  • Kitsune Tail: Yellow
  • 3 Kitsune Tail: Black
  • 539: Kick 3 x2