Hello all,

So, first day back to this game, early on during the day, I finished the ARKS BOOST Campaign, and am sitting on yet again, a very generous experience boost, that lasts a month. I only really have one class to max level now, since I took the last opportunity to level up a bunch of my classes.

So my question is, which would be the best experience VS time spent during missions VS the amount of PSE Bursts you can possibly get.

The choices I have (and pretty much everyone else as well), are either the "City VHAQ", or the Seabed VHAQ.

So far, even with Npc's I've managed to to get around 2-4 PSE bursts each run during the "Seabed VHAQ", which yeah, sucks when you have Npc's in your party due to the lack of monsters, but it just goes to show how easily, and quickly the monsters can be dispersed of. Thus if you had a full party of human players, would amount to good Exp gain.

The maps in the Seabed are also pretty generous too, in you don't have much obstacles in the way, it's pretty flat, and has very few paths that split off from generally running in a straight line to the end.

The only issue I have with this Seabed map, is if you want to fully optimize your run without monsters swimming under water and making it a little more difficult to hit with magic, you almost always NEED to hit the totems to lower the water, so the enemies can't bury themselves (Mainly the sharks). It's a small time loss, maybe 1-2 seconds of your time before you're back in the action.

Now for the City VHAQ runs, I can say almost the exact opposite of the Seabed, the maps are generally bigger, tend to split off more often, and each corner has a building in the way that you have to run around in order to continously kill monsters. Not only that, but there are monster that "Teleport" to you, making your aim inconsistent, and for some reason, trying to use Gizonde on the normal monsters is almost a 50%/50% when trying to hit them, as they almost need to be standing still or you end up missing your shots. I could swap to manual aim, but I'm lazy.

I think the only reason why I would choose the City over the Seabed, is mainly because the experience in general is a little bit better.

And if you're wondering why I didn't add "Nightfall"... Well keep wondering Facepalm and think "reeeeeaaaal hard".

So, what is everyone running now for optimized experience grinding? Seabed, or City? I'm personally leaning towards Seabed.