Not receiving ARKS Badge: White

I have been invited to play this game by a friend. I entered their registration ID when I first created my character and have now leveled up to level 40. I have received mails stating "Congratulations! You've reached Level 10/20/30/40!" and tells me to talk to Astarte with an ARKS Badge: White in my inventory, but I have not received any of these badges. I've checked everywhere I can think of and they are nowhere to be found. According to web searching, they are supposed to appear in the Pickup Storage/Temp Storage box, but that box is empty on all my characters. When I talk to Astarte and select "Invitation Reward" it shows me each of the reward tiers but when I try to claim them it says I don't have the necessary items.

Please, any info or help is appreciated. I would really like to be able to obtain the friend rewards.

@Yuumi I'm not sure if you've found it by now, but all you have to do it talk to Astarte (left from the gateway ship entrance) and she'll give you five of them. Seeing as you wrote that you talked to Astarte before, you should have them somewhere.

Same with me, Astarte does not give it to me, not a single white Badge to be found. Friends level and mine are over 50, Astarte sais I should claim the level 50 reward but need the white badge which i dont get.