I'd like to trade some other AC Scratch items for the Genga Scarf. I was thinking a 1:1 with the Shrine Garb [Ba] that seems to be going for about the same price. I do like the Shrine Garb outers too though so I'd like to get all the colors of that, but my priority is the Scarf.

Looking to Trade:

  • Shrine Garb [Ba]
  • Occultic Vixen [Ba]
  • Occultic Vixen [Ou] (Sakura/Pink) x2
  • Occultic Vixen [Ou] (Green)
  • 539: Kick 3
  • Shrine Maiden Tights B
  • Enma Tattoo x2
  • Ruckage Vest [Ou] Red
  • Ruckage Thigh-Highs
  • Colored Irises: Blue
  • Colored Irises: Yellow
  • Ruckage Vest [Ou] White
  • Ruckage Vest: Shadow [Ba]
  • Kazuma Replica [Ou]
  • Kazuma Hair

And can throw in some Meseta to fill in the gaps if needed.