Ok AC Scratch Tickets are Randomized then how JP is

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I am beginning to worry this is gonna be a quick cash grab and run like the SEA version was (I ain't saying we are as bad as SEA was because oh boy that P2W though) which is kind of worrying.

They're only doing this because Microsoft is paying them in the first place, if they shut things down and run away with the money, it will hurt their business relationship.

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They are including "random" sets from JP scratches because those "random" sets released alongside a collab

The Fairy Tail one I get but where's the collab in the Miyabi Romantica one?

God forbid they don't do scratches EXACTLY like jp. So far these have been pretty decent. They've been taking a lot of popular stuff from jp and putting it in which is great. I'm glad they mixed it up too. It'd be boring knowing 100% what we'll get.

This scratch is perfectly balanced for exploiting the meseta of the role players out there. So many items that will sell well for a long time to come!

Also, stop getting upset if things differ from JP. I love when it differs from JP cause then the vets get all upset and pouty that they don't have as much of an information edge over the rest of the market.


My main worry about these recent scratches is the market price of the items. I feel like the price for cosmetics as a whole have been going up and up and it is becoming difficult to afford them even with saving up from weeklies across multiple alts.

@Archetype-Luna Some of it I think is players buying less scratches so supply and demand ain't quite balanced this go around (except the collab outfits, collab outfits are just gonna be expensive because of people hoarding them since they ain't gonna come back.)

Kyui~ I feels bad now

It's great NA is catching up even though the scratches aren't as accurate as JP's, however my only gripe is that PC is missing out on limited scratches before their release. If they're capable of mixing and matching scratches like this, bring back stuff that PC missed bit by bit.