will there be an update to where you can actually earn ark credits

i'm someone who isn't able to spend money on games (which is why i'm playing pso2) and i'm wondering if they''ll ever allow us to earn some ark credits by doing a mission, by logging in daily, etc. It seems like whenever i'm looking for something in the store( which was bought with ark credits) they seem to be a bit too high which is why i'm wondering if it will be possible in a later update

No... That's never been a thing. The only way you'd be able to get free AC would be participating in events they hold that do give AC and pray you get lucky or chosen.

Microsoft Rewards

Basically you are just doing bing searches and other small things to rack up points daily. You can have family members get in on it and transfer points to you as well. Then trade the points in for Microsoft Gift Cards which can be used to buy AC or SG. Just think of it as one of your daily chores for the game.

I initially had the intent to support the game and buy some AC but really have no need now (but still will at some point!). That is, unless you want a lot of AC scratches. Then you might need to pay for it.