challenge mode is dead on start

i personally love challenge quests, they a fun mode, but there isn't hardly any incentive to play it you can only get low tier 13* weapons with soul receptor, and thats it theres also some ugly camos that you can change the color of enemy triggers that, as i said earlier on a casino rant post like this one, are already obsolete a single photon booster for 3500 CM? i get hundreds by going on a single aq

the only useful thing i see is the megaton parfait, and thats only if you play summoner

before you go and post something like i just want some free stuff just look how populated the challenge lobbies are, you can wait for a full hour to have a run and most of the time they just give up and start without a full party

Challenge mode is just as dead in the JP version unfortunately, it was pretty much never updated after EP3. However if it makes you feel any better, in EP5 they created Endless Quests, which are basically a spiritual successor to Challenge Mode where its a heavy incentive on clearing content fast while managing a VR energy meter, only that your only ways of restoring energy is by doing optional mini-objectives for each "floor", and as the name implies it loops forever until you run out of energy.

The main difference is you keep your class, level, and gear in Endless Quests, but it's also much more "evergreen" as its a source of unique augments you can only obtain from rewards after your run is finished.

Endless doesn't really have anything to do with Challenge Mode. Anything that made Challenge Quest unique isn't found in Endless.

i know its dead on JP since it never updated, but it wasnt dead at launch, i was just hoping they would rebalance it, at least giving the NT treatment to the ideal series, but we got their camos instead

having soul receptor is nice, since pso2es is not a thing here, but they are so useless on weapons, if we could at least get them on units then it could have some use

endless has nothing to do with challenge mode

I like the Mag devices, can get those other nice looking mag evolutions without having funky stats (or having to use cubes to fix) but yeah the rewards aren't that great. Right now I just want to find a group to finish Mission Strike with to get the Yasminkov 5000SD Camo.