Too many outstanding daily orders! Where do I find them?

So I'm trying to clear as many daily orders and client orders as I can, and I find that a lot of them ask me to target specific monsters, such as the Dirandahl, Dragon X, etc. But I don't know where to find them! Is there a monster/item directory somewhere on the internet or available in the game? (Also, if you could, just for convenience's sake, point me in the right direction for Dirandahl...)

When you open your Client Order list, you can hit Tab or the bumpers to show which area the Client Orders can be completed in. Also, the Tri-boost Daily Orders will always be for the Expedition that is in the Recommended Quests line-up for the day.

Here is the enemy listing on ARKS-Visiphone as well (click on the links for the type of enemy):

As for your specific ask, those are Draconians from the Dragon Altar.