Ship 2 - NOVA - Actively Recruiting (59/100)- DISCORD IS A MUST - BIG A$$ TREE FOR YOUR USE

Region: NA

Ship 2 / Block 77

Alliance: Nova

Contact: Xrider, Paynez, Kemira, or Furious Queef


Larger alliance with a small alliance feel. Looking for more people to socialize with on discord. (Always looking for more Techters!) Activity in game and discord is a must.

Snowflakes won't make it here. Cracking jokes is expected, being a snarky douche is not.

If you're active and looking for a good home with an entertaining group - look no further!

bump yoooooo

bump, bump, bump. that's the sound of my 50's when they hitting in the trunk

still got 50's in my trunk (bump)

Xbox or pc Eu or Na

PC (or Xbox) NA buuuuuump

@Xrider24 can my dog use the tree?

bump bump bump. and yes, dogs are allowed to water the tree.

bumping it up

bump again. our tree is nearly capped out on everything! (missing two levels of meseta and defense)