Ultimate Quests / Auxiliary / and Important Settings

@ZorokiHanuke correct. their usefulness in ultimate farms is very limited given how much dps and teamwork is needed. using moons, cure spamming, and damage output is something the npc's are severely lacking when compared to a real player.

thanks to @AndrlCh though for pointing out that we can correct that in our own party settings. someone earlier thought the option wasnt up yet in NA but apparently it was so this is good information to have.

i am just happy we have options because i was really beginning to give up on trying to farm due to this issue. i do wonder though, how efficient a farm would be if 3 friends each formed up a group of aux and joined each others farm run? 🙂

@radiofr33 One place I see NPCs as useful is if a player wants to tackle some non end game content alone, like daily expedition. They do contribute dps and heals/cures in those specific situations. That way you can do your 5/5 daily quickly and not having to wait for other players for it. I always pick NPCs who can heal, like summoners/forces/techers/bouncers as their main class.

A few perks about NPCs. Opening your Quick Menu (Pressing select on xb1 controller) and selecting "Instructions for allies" opens up a menu that lets you change two things about NPCs. You can have them stop attacking if you need to, like for a capture quick trial for example (they will still heal/cure and buff though). You can also choose if you want them freely using their PB or wait for you to release yours for a chain. When battling, you need to be close to the enemies yourself as NPCs prefer to stick close to you. So if you run far from enemies, they will run with you. Of course, when selecting who to bring with you, I always prefer to use the 'Free' option, as usually NPCs made by players may be much stronger than story NPCs. Or if you have a good aux or a geared friend avatar, choose that as well.

From what I've seen about ult content though, they fall somewhat short of it so I can't recommend them for that content. I'm actually surprised those rooms even have them as an option.

@ZorokiHanuke i definitely agree! i always bring them along when i do dailys, alliance quests, and advanced quests...they are perfect for that environment. i have even seen them used in Urgent Quests and as fast as urgents go down i dont really see it as a problem but somebody else might. some npcs even have really good rewards, like Io or Matoi and a few others that are unlocked from story missions.

@radiofr33 What items do they give you as friendship gifts? I don't use them at all for missions because those I tried (the ones required to complete some quests) do such pathetic damage. But if the loot is good, I wouldn't mind concentrating on one or two once in awhile.

@ZorokiHanuke this website is what i was using to find certain rewards. the rewards are listed after the first list so just scroll down. i had to unlock all of them so i made sure to complete the story as well as find the npcs who had client orders that would reward you their partner card. there are some on there that are not in NA yet though.


@radiofr33 I see. Cool list. Thanks for the share.