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I had hoped this trend would have stopped by now but an entire 12/12 left an Ultimate run the moment they realized a player was using a full squad of auxiliaries. Disable them from being used in Ultimate Quests ASAP. They do next to nothing during a farm. They also do NOT raise when players go down. I still don't know why players are still bringing them into a farm.

*edit I have made some edits to the thread as some good points of view and settings information has been shared by the community.

@radiofr33 said in Disable Auxiliary in Ultimate Quests:

I still don't know why players are still bringing them into a farm.

They are waiting for people to join their party on the bridge and while waiting for people to replace the auxiliary having some extra firepower doesn't hurt. You can argue if this is a misguided way of thinking or not.

There is already an option in JP to only join/create sessions where auxiliaries aren't allowed so that should eventually come to NA as well. And a reason to bring NPCs to a highlevel quest is simply to get party tri-boost when playing solo, it doesn't give as much as actual players but its something. Also TEs and FOs give buffs/heals every now and then so thats a plus imo.

Might be someone doing Ult for the first time not realizing they actually just joined up a muderball the map in loops quest. :^)

Honestly its somewhat fine if people manually check to join parties if they have active recruitment on as those NPCs will be replaced when you join instantly but I think reality is most people just create their own and hit the search multile blocks and accept button; if joining any parties leaving it to party beacons.

Since I did almost all of my game solo, the first time I did CR forest after hitting 70, I went, like always, with healer NPCs, thinking the area would be like the rest, with only me and the NPCs and maybe someone else with NPCs. But when I entered, someone was polite enough to ask me if I could remove the NPCs. I quickly understood what was going on and removed them. The room filled and I got a level or two going in circles, trying to kill things but pretty much knowing I was being carried all the way. I just ended up throwing resta and buffs for that run....

I DO agree more info about it out there for newbies would be nice, so they don't make the same mistakes.

@ZorokiHanuke nice post...and its good you had a positive experience when asked about removing your auxiliaries. i had 2 back to back instances in the same day where players left and it got really nasty. the first time, the player using auxiliaries died and the group of aux just stood there and all the real players walked up, did not raise, and spammed nasty symbol arts. i dropped a telepipe and everyone left. the second was also similar...players got angry, exchanged pleasantries in chat, and left.

@Qruis1210 i definitely look forward to that as an option!!!

@radiofr33 Yeah. I know I was lucky. Didn't catch the name of the player but if they read this, THANK YOU for being polite! We just need more polite people on both sides. I understand there are also toxic newbies who feel their ego is challenged when told to try and do what everyone else is doing. So yeah, people just need to chill and listen.

@ZorokiHanuke some other nasty things i have seen in ultimates is players commenting on people using nox weapons. the whole point of ultimates is to farm nemesis or slave weapons so it never really bothered me. i was stuck using my elder rifle for a while until i could afford my nemesis. people have different play styles and most likely cant be grinding 10 hours a day or cant afford to buy one. those weapons are priced around 25 million for the base weapon and go to upwards of 130 million for a nicely augmented +35. some players wont be able to afford that.

@radiofr33 I feel the problem in that specific instance (the nox weapon thing) is that some people, perhaps a minuscule but vocal amount of players, want to do super efficient runs, and demand the exact same from.... PUGs. I don't know why they want to hurry so much, to then complain the game has no content while posing in lobby their glow, their god like floating animations, and spewing ego crap like how they are top dps of this or that. I've seen this behavior in too many games already, and I find it disgusting. But whatever floats their boats. I respect how they like to play their game, but I definitely find an issue when they refuse to respect the play style of others in public runs. Hence why I'm a social inept and prefer to solo 99.99% of the time.

As a side note, while obviously most people are going to farm, some people also just want to run through with the boss and may want the Auxiliaries for that.

I feel like people just need to be polite and ask and hopefully just have some common courtesy. What I usually do is go in solo (or just with a friend) and as we get ready to go to the last area, we'll put on auxiliaries then to get the fight over faster since it's easier with four people than one or two, even if the others are AI's.

@Princesse-Jen sadly, it has been a mix of good and bad. today, for example, during a lillipa ultimate, someone was using a full group of auxilary. i was dreading how it was going to turn out but once the instance filled 12/12, the player telepiped and disbanded the auxiliaries and returned in order to free up the remaining spots, which filled very quickly. needless to say, that is about as perfect as it can get. my frustrations come from seeing how poor these events have gotten because of specific players.

@Princesse-Jen I suppose a good way would be to toss a beacon as you approach the boss and see if any players want in. I don't think if a "room" is 12/12, it would allow you to get more NPCs, so see if any of those 11 players is done with the farming and want to help with boss.

The ability to create instances where NPC Allies are prohibited is already in the game; from the Quest Counter, go down to Matching Settings:

alt text

@AndrlCh woh! i was under the impression we would have to wait a bit longer for the option. this is great to know.

to anyone new to the thread, i have gone ahead and made some edits to reflect the community's points of view on this subject.

@radiofr33 After re-reading the initial post of this thread, while a bit off topic but since you mentioned it, I believe the reason why NPCs don't raise could be because a few things. First, do they even use items? There is certainly no Reverser tech now. This game limited Reverser to a Techer skill on a heavy CD, which only they can use. The rest of the classes are limited to use Moons.

Also from what I've seen, NPCs here will actually stop attacking, only going as far as casting resta and buffs while the player is dead on the floor. I suppose that's all intentional to prevent NPCs killing enemies and potentially preventing players from getting exp and maybe even loot in situations where there are no other players around.