Fashion - Suggestions for Accessories

As the popular saying goes, fashion is end game, but imo players may be limited to how creative they could get due to a couple of factors...

  1. The number of accessories spots that you could use.
  • Please increase the number of accessories to seven.
  • Four is ok, but more accessories slots would allow players to customize their character even more to look fabulous 😄 - Maybe seven if ten total slots is to much?
  1. Color pass
  • Please allow players the option to change the color of most if not all accessories with the color pass so players can have more control over how on point their fashion is

2.5. The minor color details

  • To add onto the color suggestion, please also allow players to choose the sub-color of the accessory/outfit
    • Ex: Edge wings: It will change the color accordingly to the color of the outfit a player has equipped + used a color pass. However, there will still a few parts of the wings that are blue so it would be great if players had the option to adjust the color of that part ( I don't know the specific name for it :x)

Update: Add a feature to make units into accessory

  • Some back units specifically look really nice, but most of the time there will be better units that have better stats which forces players to pick between looking nice to dealing more dmg/being tanky.
    • Ex: The 250 title, whiteal wings, would look extremely nice not only as a unit, but as an accessory. However, a majority of players would pick wearing ray units due to the stats it provides over whiteal wings.
    • It takes some effort for players to get 250 titles, but what is the point if the game makes players grind that much for a beautiful unit that only rots away in the storage?

I would love more accessory slots. Having a ribbon, tiara, and earrings already takes up three of my slots and it's soooo hard to balance. I get why they don't limit accessories based off "where" they could be slotted (IE: One head accessory, one shoulder accessory, one back accessory) due to how you can combine and move things, but four definitely feels small. I think just making a limit to how many things you can make huge at a time (if more than four were available-- like no more than 4-5 items could be at max size), that could help still with any possible loading worries.

Absolutely agree with adding more slots.

I also agree we need more accessory slots, and maybe a couple of extra Makeup and Body Paint slots as well.