3rd party app that removes all pso2 contents


Do you guys know of any registry remover app that removes all of PSO2 contents, aside from manually deleting mutable back up? because i see that some files are still hiding somewhere and i cant find them to delete them. i missing about 30-40gb worth of files.

Thank you very much

the reason i asked is, i uninstalled the game, by doing the uninstall method, reset because it doesn't work and then deleted the files in mutable back up files. before deleting the files i made sure how many gigs were to delete, i saw it was 115gbs. i had 258gbs of total usage. after deleting them, my total usage is 191gbs. so i know its still hiding somewhere but i dont know where to find it.

Please i need help where to find these files

You can used Winrar open it and search the Folders you are looking for, it should show up, then- just delete as needed.

I've used Treesize to see the backups and 7zip to actually remove them.

Excellent! More options ! Thank you for sharing!

Revo Uninstaller, 30 days free for the premium version that cleans the registry as well