Please Sega, Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

I am not going to go into all the examples before this but this most recent patch may have just pissed off some members in my alliance enough to have them stop playing for a while.

For the past two weeks, the VR training UQ was something people tried to make sure they could do because it was one of the first options for collecting Rising Weapon Badge 2s that would allow people to get Circuray/Ray. While only 20ish a run, it was still wayyyy better than any other option out there. After people spent a ton of time and MONEY, (the fact that you sold triggers for SG pisses me off to no end), and then invalidated this entire content with your newest patch is insane. I can get 60-80 badges in VHAQs standing in a corner with a launcher...

Seriously, stop shooting yourself in the foot. Invalidating effort is demoralizing and while we all have accepted this will happen over the course of the year as more content is released, doing this so egregiously and when cash shop currency is involved will mean no one is going to be around by the time the end of the year hits.

/rant over

I'm glad VR is done with. I don't like it at all.

Oh I no longer have to try to be on at certain times to get Rising Weapon Badge 2's at a decent rate? Noice.

@Eisley Yeah they keep doing shitty things like that. I'm never buying a trigger for sg again lmao, fool me once.

There is nothing invalidating about others getting ray's unless you are a stupid elitist who's only value is their gear rather than their proficiency at the game. And newsflash the gains from ray's are small, insignificant and puny compared to the value a good player can provide. Time to look past BiS and start using your time by polishing your arsenal of tricks instead.

@Timbot420 said in Please Sega, Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot:

@Eisley Yeah they keep doing shitty things like that. I'm never buying a trigger for sg again lmao, fool me once.

lmao, when people talk about "anchoring" when it comes to pricing this is what they are talking about. Just because someone offers a product at a certain value does not mean it is worth that value.

No, even better is to focus on BIS and skill, not one or the other.

@Eisley you ran VR for badges when you could just do dailies to get way more, faster?

VR was for fancy souls, for more at least. Got my Aether Souls and Doom Break IIIs all ready to go.

@ViolaCrossfire This has literally nothing to do with elitism my guy lmfao. You are so far up your own hole it's crazy, trying to pull elitism out of a simple statment about shitty pricing/baited on purchasing. This is what "fool me once" means my dude. your input was not only highly un-needed but utterly pointless lmao.

@Timbot420 above in the statement was a reply to the thread, below was my commentary on how anchoring was used to fool your judgment on buying the trigger. They were completely sepperate

@ViolaCrossfire Fair enough, but again statement=pointless my dude.

Allow me to elaborate.

Is it invalidating to see others getting ray's at an easier rate than yourself? Sure, I can not deny that people can feel that way.

When does someone feel that the effort was wasted in hindsight? When they put a lot of value in acquiring ray's because that will make them a lot stronger supposedly while others get to acquire it easier later on.

Then why do I feel like this is misplaced? Because the value ray's currently provide is almost negligible compared to easier to acquire options. Your short-term satisfaction is misplaced, instead it should have been a long term one considering the ring add-on that will be released probably in a month. But people didn't think of it that way and even now people haven't realized that.

Does it make sense in any other context? Yes, the context of elitism which I have already described.

I am not accusing anyone of elitism, only you can decide why you think the way you do.


Since I guess I wasn't clear enough in my post, there are two main issues I have with what Sega did:

  1. They sold triggers for VR training requiring SG: Up until VR training, RB2s were a crap shoot to farm, this instance all of a sudden make them a lot more obtainable so that players could get ray units or ray weapons for their astral soul augment factor. The fact that the very next patch, they made it actually less efficient running VR training for those badges vs doing VHAQs while charging people for the ability to continue running them outside of UQs is a slap in the face. This isn't about elitism, it's a bait and switch.

  2. They continue to hand bonuses out that destroy entire markets for the game: RB2s allow you to buy ray weapons which make it easy to get astral soul on a weapon, (arguably the best soul in the game), with RB2s insanely easy to get and ray weapons now close to 500K and continuing to drop, EVERY OTHER SOUL from other bosses will become pointless to try and farm and sell. Siogr, Leone, Granz...All of those are being made irrelevant because astral soul is so easy to obtain.

Much like their decision to include Nemesis & Slave at this point made other 13 star weapons pointless to farm and current content an utter faceroll, these decisions of what bonuses, (like RB2s in VHAQs), to include just reek of poor content planning.

I appreciate making the game accessible to players who have less time to play but I am continually trying to reassure members in my alliance that there is SOMETHING they can do that is still worthwhile. Sega is making that argument harder and harder to do.

@Eislley People who know MMO's know that eventually things are going to be easier to farm, its just the natural progression.

People who invested far too hard into getting the currency for the Ray stuff were being shortsighted especially as we are on a sped up update schedule, you could have easily predicted this to happen and its why I haven't gone hard into grinding stuff except the Nemesis weapons for selling.

Elitists and the clueless are really having a good time these days always complaining about this or that while completely ignoring the obvious. So I ask you OP how many years of content are we getting in across what span of time!? Everyone else knows there is no need to break your back on anything until next year aside banners so its more about meseta and mission pass farming at this point with a dash of class boosts and community bonding. If your getting angry over there your going to be making many many many more posts.

Like in IRL you chose to farm and that's all on you

I don't think markets being destroyed should be a concern. We are already in outdated territory, I think investing heavily is a mistake and that we should adapt to the market. Also, I just bought a bunch of Vol Souls and Gryphon souls for a budget unit build. Not a weapon, but still not the best stuff. They can simply play the new content if they don't know what to do, and go from there. Focus on their own goals. Are they done with augmenting / enhancing? If so, good on them. I have my Nem Sword fully grinded, max element, etc. Yet my units still have a way to go, and I still have other classes that need maxxing. I also am intending on farming souls for future augments. I also am simply doing dailies to farm meseta. Then I'm doing challenge mode to mix things up and have fun.