Profound Darkness Urgent Quest Undertuned?

It seems that we've gotten the pre-buffed Profound Darkness in relation to the average player power. IE: We have access to NT Nemesis/Slave weapons, originally made available around Ep4, and the Urgent quest we've gotten right now is the version that was released in Episode 3. It's tuned to be much, much weaker than the UQs that are already in the game.

Agreed this boss is a push over. It hit me for 30 dmg at best which I can easily heal through with the passive regen ring. An it only takes 2 mins to kill the boss. I swear the bosses in SHAQ +50 threat have more HP I know for a fact they hit harder. I really hope they do better to buff these bosses in the future cause as it is right now there zero challenge in this game and most of my guild is getting tired of one shooting mobs and even some bosses and taking zero dmg.

XH Profound is a joke. It needs the HP that SH has AT LEAST. It goes down in like 3 minutes. Last go at it we nearly bypassed an entire phase. Meanwhile on SH it takes upwards to 15 on PD alone, 20+ minutes for the entire quest. If it's a raid boss I want it to last!

They must've patched it be cause we fought this bastard for an hour just now and he wouldn't go down! It was a damn mission failed. Screw this game.