[Ship 3] Gorillas Alliance. Top 10 ranked. Recruiting very active and social players for guild AQ/Urgent/Ultimate/Triggers. 97/100 members

Hello there! As the title says, we are currently recruiting! We do Urgents, AQs, Ultimates, Triggers as a team so you would always have people to run with. We are not looking for guild hoppers or anyone with a short temper. Active and loyal players, willing to grow and progress with the Alliance, all while making new friends is what we're after!


  • We are looking for players who Max out on their Alliance Points every week (as long as you're active, this will be no issue)

  • Must be willing to use Discord as we encourage voice chat while doing runs as an Alliance. Mic not required.

  • Must be at least level 65

  • Must be willing to follow our rules, which will be listed on our Discord.

If you're interested in joining, either reply to this thread with your name and level or apply to the Alliance in game.

5 spots left.