Visiphone dont show items from the last Scratch

Hi, I login and went to the visiphone to check the prices from the new AC Scratch (Silken Dreams), but when I look for anything (outfits, emotes, etc.) the search dont give me any result, therefore, I cannot buy anything from the newest Scratch and I guess prices with goes up.

Unlike JP, NA doesn't allow for partial searches. You have to search the exact name, capitalization and symbols. (IE: Kitsune Tails instead of just Kitsune.) The search button right of the text box at the top of the search dialogue will search for item names based on the text you put in. Then it will replace what you put in with the item name you choose.

The multi search box is for augments/affixes only, and won't work to search for item names.

Oh wow does the JP version actually work with partial searches? I do hope they're going to fix that some time then. I always wondered why that was so jank

@AHall1983 No, it doesn't work with direct partial searches either, but both versions have the same issue with the "Candidate Search" button (the button just next to the search bar) in that in most cases you need to load the name of the item into the cache (either by doing general searches using the category settings and no item name or viewing the item in the Scratch listing) before it will work. In most cases, it is easiest just to find the name of the item outside the game and copy+paste it into the search bar, not bothering with the "Candidate Search" at all.

Oh that's a shame, I thought they might actually fix it. I like Sega, don't get me wrong, but it's odd to me that with so many items, especially considering the massive amount of cosmetics we don't even have yet, that they don't have a more solid search function than that. I do think the candidate list is a nice OPTIONAL function but requiring the exact item name is rather irritating.

I think personally if I was designing that UI, I would have left the candidate list in optionally so you could find a definitive list of item names, but allow partial searches. But I'd also put a checkbox under it for "exact match only" so you could search for say, a basewear item, but not include it's color variants if you didn't want to. Personally, I would really like the opposite myself, I'd like to be able to search for ALL copies of an item regardless of color, but such are things

I have noticed that there are times that a searchable item just simply does not come up for you. Such as, I was able to search for an item, but the same item wouldn't come up on my husband's computer, even if I was the one who typed it in.

It feels like there's some sort of criteria that needs to be met before an item will show up for you. Too bad I have no idea what it is.