Cannot Login

Game worked just fine several days ago. Now, game launches just fine, everything works.... but it cannot login to my account. On reaching the front screen trying to continue brings up the Xbox Identity Provider window which retains a "loading" icon indefinitely. Browser-based logins work perfectly. App will not. As the game cannot login without the app, game is unplayable. Game is fully up-to-date and has been filechecked, all data is intact. ALL "Xbox" Apps were "reset" via windows store/settings menus. This failed to fix the problem. App still refuses to connect. Can find 0 information about this specific error online, windows troubleshooting is a joke and will insist that all I have to do is reset the app (which I did, dammit). I have no clue what to do, I just want to play the damned game.

Any ideas? Please don't say reinstall the game, its really obvious this isn't a problem with the game files, but you guys are the ones who insisted on using a horribly glitchy login system without any way to override it or anything.

This happens every time a new patch or content update comes out ...the game inevitably breaks ... I'm washing my hands of this poorly handled product til they get their act together. no one should be using any 3rd party software to get anything to work AS intended or advertised. I had logged in played for a few hours logged now i can't even get back in can't uninstall cause pc can't even find the files , cant reinstall cause microsoft store says its there.

@Thornstromb my advice try to find something else to occupy your time with this is not worth it.