Any Alliances from Eu?

Is there any players from EU that are making a Alliance?

if you happen to not find one my alliance aim to kill on ship 2 is always accepting though we are a usa based alliance we can accommodate ant eu players

Sorry to say that my Alliance has yet to get any EU players. Got Japanese, Australian, and I think the rest are American.

I'm planning to run a mid-hardcore alliance with EU players on Ship 2. It's called Mist!

I'm player from EU to on Ship 2 who will looking a EU Alliance in a future

Aim To Kill Alliance is open to player of any region including EU feel free to message me for more details or questions

Guess ill join the train of saying Tears of Azrael is also recruiting all time zones too we have 3 members who work nights so they are on more often during the day EU time lol 24/7 member coverage is something our alliance is aiming for. Thou it is very tough to pull that off ^-^