Did they add any surprise content this update?

@Morgothryuzaki Aight before he does these defences

Premium player housing - If you pay for that you are being silly, its super cheap to get premium player housing, I have enough excubes to almost last me the rest of the year (I would if I didn't keep burning them into FUN)

Player shops is less defendable but its still in the FUN scratch with decent enough odds for how much you can pull, I've got the ticket quite a few times.

Trading though...Oh god the trading restriction I would prefer if they just capped the amount of trades non-premium members can make a week.

Otherwise yeah this is pretty much my problem hence the title of my thread in "In-game Suggestions" is "Please do not add the SG Scratch into NA as it is now"

My point was the AMOUNT of monetization. Not to debate which is acceptable or not. The fact of the matter is that they are over monetizing this game.

@Morgothryuzaki Yeah I get you I was just stating some people would defend those as not monetisation due to the free access of it, which I guess ain't really a defence nowadays especially when we got so many games with "Oh you can get this in game free by just grinding out content" with ludicrous unfun grinds (Not saying that's what the My Room pass is because that's at least doable while My Shop can lead to some incredible amounts of bad luck)

You would do the rankings if you wanted SG. :v

It's just top 100 for TAs, red box, and room visits. And top 50 for CM.

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My Shop can lead to some incredible amounts of bad luck)


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@Kuon Yet it is inneficient,a waste of Meseta amd greatly insufficient when taking into account the amount of SG necessary to buy anything that has any kind of worth.

It's also worth noting that it certainly is inefficient because the price of even basic unwanted items has been skyrocketing since the introduction of PC. Popular AC items went from 3mil, to 5mil, 7 and now average out at 15mil. Even garbage like male outerwear and male cast bodies went from under 100k to 300k on average now - on my ship at least. Prices are inflating dramatically because of people gaming the market and it's forcing those who couldn't get in early out. And given that it's also impacting SG and affix prices, it's going to eventually force people out of the game in a very literal way when it costs multi-millions to afford even the most basic things and your average casual player earns only three million a week doing their dailies and weeklies.

EDIT: like one thing the "oh this is just every game lolol stop crying" people are missing is that it took Japan eight years to reach this point both in monetization and market bullshittery and we've caught up to them in months. That doesn't bode well for the future of this game.

It's gross to even consider introducing the SG scratch. As if AC, SG, Premium wasn't enough for them to monetize, they found a new way to squeeze out SG money on NA with the Fresh finds/flash sales in addition to the shop and now a scratch. Then we also have mission pass and xbox game pass. And everything except the AC scratch things are BOUND.

I love spending money on games I enjoy, and I spent a lot over 8 years on JP. I expected to have to catch up on doing AC scratches/mags/inventory/storage/premium/etc. But to have to buy extra SG, buy mission passes, etc because there's so much bound content that I can't just supplement with meseta or gameplay?

I'd be fine if they add SG scratch, but only under the following conditions:

Fresh Finds needs a major overhaul. Fix the current SG spending method before adding new ones, don't bury the issue.

  • Previews like tickets need to be added so people know what they're really spending their SG on.
  • Cosmetic consumables need to be an account wide unlock on first use. It'd ridiculous to only be able to obtain one and only one, and there is no harm in making them special since SG obtained items cannot be traded or sold anyway. Let me use what I purchased on every alt I have, since I can't just stroll up to the market for more.
  • Daily deals need to be backlogged to a certain degree (ex. 3 days). I covered this in one of my previous posts, but there are several reasons people could miss out. Financial struggles, being a few SG off that day, or even not being able to login on that particular day.

SG has to be more accessible to players.

  • Current methods of obtaining SG are horribly inefficient and force players to purchase SG when pressured. This is not the kind of thing you want to pressure your players on, because you'll see people claim greed over caring for the playerbase, and I'd certainly agree.
  • If more ways to spend SG is introduced, more ways to obtain it should be made available. We already know other methods exist on JP, and they should not be withheld on NA, especially if SEGA plans to expand SG spending.

SG needs to be respected as a middle ground between normal and premium currency.

  • Many games have something like SG that is openly accessible to even free players, but it doesn't overtake their premium currency.
  • SG should NOT be treated as a second premium currency by SEGA. I want to see options to earn it in-game at a healthy pace, and not scraping together 10 SG a day through outfits. That's beyond nuts and frankly isn't even very entertaining. No one should feel pressured to buy SG in fear of missing out unless they swipe. Don't try and pass off SG as AC-lite where the only real way to earn it is real money. Stick to AC for heavy premium marketing.

While I feel my points will get buried in this topic, since it only weighs in on a very specific conversation happening here...I figured it was relevant at the moment.

As for the update actually bringing along any surprise releases, to my knowledge there hasn't been anything noteworthy. I think there will be very small trickles of content until August for Episode 4. Which is fine with me as long as there isn't delays, simply because content keeps the game alive and there is a lot of catching up to JP we have to do.

@Saiyer Yeah its kind of why I posted the thread in the in-game suggestions "Please do not add the SG Scratch into NA as it is now" with the "as it is now" being key, if they are willing to change how the SG economy for us is now I would be more open to the idea (while still I would be none too pleased by the fact we are getting monetised harder than JP and that there are gonna be costumes which could have been in the mission pass/fresh finds that I would have wanted in there) and we had a GM post there (mainly to say be nice and don't get too heated to me) so they are watching peoples feedback on this stuff at least.

Another scratch ticket with the same costs of the AC will be insane on every level for them to push out. If they do functional/sane people need to half purchasing from the game. This isn't remotely ok based off many of the reasons stated above...I'll wait on my purchasing for now, not touching SG scratch tho if fresh finds stick around.

I am hoping the SG is only for those Augment support items and nothing else. Naive of me, but between the frequency of AC scratches and fresh finds stuff, the only thing I would want are the better support items later on.

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I am hoping the SG is only for those Augment support items and nothing else. Naive of me, but between the frequency of AC scratches and fresh finds stuff, the only thing I would want are the better support items later on.

It's already been datamined. It's going to be the Dark Falz human form costumes, IIRC.

@Nuebot well thats an easy pass for me regardless, falz look fucking silly.

@Nuebot yeah those costumes are ugly, so it will be an easy pass. Just gonna wait for my transfer support items later on in the roadmap.

@Timbot420 Well if its only the Falz outfits the SG scratch is gonna bomb and they might not continue doing the scratch after that investing more into the fresh finds store and mission pass but in the JP version it was Falz human outfits + Matoi's Spoiler look (EP 3) and then Xions outfit followed by Xions spoiler look (EP 2).

Then there were also the Episode 4 npc looks added to it and trust me, those were some cool looks.

If their list is as subdued as just the Falz human form (And maybe voice tickets...actually no I want doubles voice and I have been praying when voice tickets hopefully come it is a fresh finds piece) and they keep it that way maybe it will be less bad but still I kind of don't wanna see another SG sink while we are hurting for SG.