Thanks PSO2 for the Dreamcast mag rather than the Sega Mega Drive

I'm 99% sure that event was meant to give the Sega Mega Drive Mag device rather than the Dreamcast but hey, super happy as that mag reminds me of when i was young seeing as PSO was like my first sub MMO on the Dreamcast that I ever played.

Plus you cant take it back as I already used it 😛

They're separate distributions.

Dreamcast is for clearing Episode 3 Chapter 3 and is awarded automatically. You must have already qualified.

Genesis is to be distributed in the next maintenance, if I recall.

@Miraglyth oof well i was wrong 😢 oh well i must have missed that

No worries, no harm done. 👍

To follow up my recollection, yes Genesis is being distributed next maintenance:

**Rewards will be distributed after the regular maintenance on 7/22