"Location is not available" error when attempting to delete PSO2 files for a reinstall attempt.

Well, I'm yet another person who's suddenly fallen victim to the game's launcher failing to start up (It's totally unresponsive and nothing happens when I double click it), and as per the norm, the game is being extremely stubborn about allowing me to uninstall it, with the files simply being shoved into the WindowsApps folder when I attempted to do so.

While I was able to get into said folder and locate the oxyna folder the PSO2 stuff is in, I get the mentioned error when I try to interact with it.

For some reason, the folder in question is owned by System as opposed to TrustedInstaller, which means I'm not able to change the owner in order to give myself permission to delete the files. Another oddity is that it was not sorted into the Mutable or MutableBackup folders as it usually does and is just sitting loose amongst the other various WIndows related folders.

I'm a bit lost as to what to do.

Well, after using a file scanner program to determine where the deleted PSO2 files were, it turns out the folder in question was actually empty and three copies of PSO2 had instead been shoved into a "WindowsApp.temp" folder instead.

Following the purge of that and much trial and error from both me and my more tech-savvy brother in attempting to repair/replace various files in the WindowsApp folder that had gotten broken by whatever caused my PSO2 to stop working in the first place, I finally managed to get the game working again.

I just pray the "measures" I took will prevent this from happening again.

This post is deleted!

I've used Treesize to see the backups it makes when it breaks and 7zip to remove them since we don't have permission to delete them.