So the Final Boss of Episode Oracle is the UQ... (Spoiler Warning)

Anybody who beat this guy in story mode ever think about fighting them again in preparation for the fight against them at 11:00AM(PDT)/2:00PM(ADT) and/or 8:00PM(PDT)/11:00PM(ADT)? I'm thinking about doing it in preparation for the one in tonight since I'm going to fight the one in the afternoon in either Normal or Hard Mode.

Especially since I'm going to try to fight them with their true strength instead of what happen the first time around, which is me easily beating them with my super strong sword . I can only understand their gimmick had something to do with needing to use different weapons, but they died too quickly for me to even get ready for that. So I wonder what the strategy against them is supposed to be like, but I bet it will be not as difficult as the level 80 bonus boss that comes after them.

The only gimmick is part way through the fight 2 weapons will be randomly selected that it will become weak again. There's no way to control which weapons it becomes weak against.