NetCafe items - Add them to a different vendor!

I think the items available from the NetCafe in the Japanese version should be added to a different vendor (Like the Photon Booster store, for example) rather than try to rework it to fit the NA region.

In my opinion, making them purchasable with other badges or currency in the game is a much easier and safe solution and also gives NA players an opportunity to collect them.

Most likely they'll make them AC shop items or do something like Nintendo NY.

I support this. If anything they could just add the points through daily-weekly client orders and have the items added to a vendor in the Cafe or around where the badge shops are. There are quite a few ways to accomplish adding the content.

@Plazza7020 They could add them to scratches but if they do they would most likely do it through SG or FUN scratches. They could add them to AC shop like how you can buy mags and stuff. We will just have to wait and see.

Given that the points are awarded for "time played" from a NetCafe location, they could add it to log-in bonuses that award points, or as @The-Question stated client orders.

Could add the point rewards to featured quests, or any other number of options. It being limited and time-gated is the most important replication, I think.

I really hope they'll find some way to add them. I think just adjusting the currency to a pre-existing one would help in and of itself (or adding tickets that can be bought/earned).