Hello there! My character name is Eri Natori and I am on ship 2. A little bit about myself, I am a raider at heart and have enjoyed clearing difficult content and tackling challenges from raidlogging in FFXIV at 99+ percentiles or getting some server firsts on raids in Echos of Soul or just running a lot of cpap/cmoc/cdev in MS2 or speedrunning some instances in Soul Worker, or just being competitive in any game in terms of PvE.

I am looking for a certain type of alliance as I have stepped down from being a quasi-co leader of Benevolence on ship 2; I am looking for an alliance with strong leadership (someone whom knows what they want, will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal/vision), strong community (of equals, so people can participate in activities together; always striving to improve together, having some sense of purpose/group unity, and helping each other learn/grow/know more about the game). To me, when I play a MMO, it's just not enough to just be in any alliance or group -- I am very particular about it. I want to be in a community that is actively engaged and active, although I am an introvert myself and I don't typically talk on discord (I do type) -- I want to know each member and not be another random person #19485 and likewise have reciprocal expectations for the people in such groups. I am looking for an alliance where the leadership is constantly improving, engaging and moving members in some goal and where the members reciprocate said desires. I don't really mind if it's a medium or large alliance or has many cliques of 3-9 people each as long as there is a unitary purpose for the group and people feel like they are proud/belong there. I have considerable leadership experience in this game and other MMOs in the past and I don't mind stepping up if necessary (leading 80-150 people), I likewise enjoy mentoring and teaching whenever I can. To me, knowing that people care and want to do their best is important.

I am in no way or shape the best player in this game, or the most hardcore like certain individuals with spreadsheets of exact movements, screen buffer times and skill cooldowns for speedrunning Time Attacks or 8-affixed 220ATK+ weapons (I'm using generic ray+10 125/90 set & nem+10 150T-ATK atm), and I realize I have much to grow. If the alliance does scriblee, host fashion contests, TA competitions, does karaoke or just have interesting social people that's just a plus -- regardless if you are interested in starting said alliance and have such resolve to follow up, or currently have a sizable alliance with similar values -- let me know in here or you can mail my character in-game Eri Natori or on discord 由紀#1111

My main time zone is EST and I usually log in around 4:30 PM and play 4-6 hours on weekdays as I do have work in real life. I don't exactly grind everyday but I do have considerable resources (EX-cubes, meseta, etc). I'm primarily looking for an alliance that plays 5PM-2AM on weekdays & 10AM and later on weekends; I find split-time zones don't generally work well unless the members there do actually play half the day or more, or there's other leaders/coordinators/officers there present but I am accepting of it if there's considerable people on. At the moment, the game isn't too difficult but regardless my playstyle is more towards the semi-hardcore end. I'm not interested in alliances with multi-gaming communities, since 2000 circa group of exclusive friends, or we do everything we recruit everyone alliances as I generally have bad experiences with those.

Some of my hobbies are fashion (dressing up), swimming, reading, learning, listening to music & formalizing knowledge. My core values are knowledge, mastery/achievement & social engagement. Even if your alliance isn't 'elite', I still would not mind joining as long as the members are engaged together (chatting, typing, activities, anything) and there are events (cooking, RP, speedrunning, dancing, fashion, karaoke, animation, casino nights, mentoring nights, movie nights, art/drawing, or anything) running/leadership that is active. I am pretty open-minded to whatever your alliance's theme is -- degeneracy, memes, skill, anime, waifus, puppies, anything goes.

Also, if I do start to like it there -- chances are I will likely help out with things, recruiting, associating, starting events, taking care of stuff if you do need it. I like having a sense of involvement and progress in building/maintaining a community when I know there are other people with a similar mindset.