[SHIP 03] S.H.I.N.E Alliance is recruiting!

Greetings ARKS, S.H.I.N.E. is recruiting!

What does S.H.I.N.E. stand for? I honestly don't know. It's up for interpretation 😄

We love PSO and we're looking to recruit anyone who does too! My officer and I are former PSO EP1&2 veterans and are completely new to PSO2. We aim for an active, semi-casual, & chill playerbase that would like to learn and progress through the game with us. You can DM us in-game, reply to this post with your Player ID, or apply through the VISIPHONE (near the top of the "S" list when sorting alphabetically). Looking forward to seeing you in game!

Leader: Nolisse

Officer(s): Fydri


  • Timezone: CST

  • Alliance name and icon is directly inspired from the Super Smash Bros Melee scene. I'm a horrible Fox main. If you wanna play some FM-Slippi, hmu. Any Smash Community members are highly welcomed.

  • No relations to Ship 02's Shine Alliance. Just a happy coincedence of some Melee heads using similar names and icons! 👌


My Officer is ecstatic about S.H.I.N.E.'s Coastal Base. Party on the beach anyone? Come join us!


Even if the name is similar we are on different ships my dood

if I ever convince more people to use slippi maybe we should have a cross ship crew battle 👉 😎 👉