[Ship 1] 404:Glitched Alliance recruiting! [Discord required]

Hi everyone,

I'm Jinx, leader of GLitched and I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we're recruiting. We're currently a small alliance that started on We are very open to Xbox players but require ussage of Discord. So that said player can communicate effectively with our PC players mid-fight.

we farm and level players daily justlet me know if you're interewsted here or drop me a line on discord. (JinxCharm#5883) or Join our Discord and ask questions in our lobby. https://discord.gg/8spENud

Bumperoni! We can't wait to take down Gemini today, I hope you're with us 🙂

A bump a day keeps the doctor away! Great news we hit level 5 earlier than expected and are working on cultivating our tree. Come join us in the alliance hot springs!

We are still recruiting, If you have questions you can always reply here or message me on discord!

Bumpity bump bump!

So much bumping.

BUMP!! we have a nice sized tree now come hangout

Join us, We have over 10K points. Guaranteed Lillipan suit from the event if you join!

Actively recruiting for new and old players!

A bump this is

Growing fast, Bumping up our numbers all the time.