[Ship 2] Black Hound - the PSO legacy that lives on to this day. [Discord] [Active] [Community Focused]

Founded during the era of PSO:BB; we are a group of dedicated players that are looking for other people who play regularly, and are interested in exploring almost every facet of the game. Our group is very familiar with the series - most of us have heavily played either the original PSO or PSU. We have a large group of people who have experience with the JP server and would be willing to help newer players out with any questions they have.

Our Discord is used daily. Although it is not required, we strongly encourage it to help maintain a healthy & tight community. (Most members install it on multiple platforms like phones to keep communication on the go.)

All in all, we like to grind while in good company. We stay active, hunt late into the night, and laugh about it along the way. If you share the same love for this game as we do, we offer you a solid base of operations, and an easy going community that has your back.

Reach out to us via Discord: Kireek#6106 -or- Search us out on the Visiphone: "Black Hound "

Member Expectations:

  • Active Logins
  • Party Up Focused
  • Communication & Participation
  • Knowledge of PSO Lore (Though not Required)
  • Decent Integrity (We don't need perverts or ass-hats.)

Alliance Focus:

  • Dailies
  • Urgent Quests
  • Extreme/Advanced Quests
  • Challenge Mode Runs
  • Event Farming
  • Fashion

Alliance Perks:

  • Active Knowledgeable Members
  • Active Party Ups
  • Willingness to Help Newcomers
  • Pro Level Members for End Game Grinding
  • Special Occasion Raffles

"Good Hunting, Fellow Pioneers~"

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