Ultimate quest solo 7 mins 30 secs S rank Advance braver kite mechanics

perfect example of what many people say that bow braver has a week aoe dmg output but here you're showcasing it as one/if not the best ultimate farmer in the game. The first person I've seen utilize first person instead of locked on shooting and to me its much more efficient to use first person in this situation! one of the best vids ive seen as a bow braver your style is very unique bro and utilizes the bow to its highest potential.

@octalpegasus778 appreciate you dude and I agree bow is under rated when it comes to aoe damage but using first person to line piercing correctly with banish and gravity arrow will wreck mobs!

Comparing that to quake spam on fi, it's probably somewhat slower, but it's a lot safer since you don't have to worry about dingels tackling your 250 HP in LB away.

@octalpegasus778 Who actually says bow has weak aoes though? Bow's always been quite strong when it comes to cc-ing and aoes. The only issue that comes with it is that it relies heavily on PP management and also positioning. It's still quite powerful even in JP if you know what you're doing.

Bow have enough aoes and cc capabilities that enables it to kite continuously and/or burst down trash mobs at a safe distance. While classes like Ra, Su, Te, Fo rarely needs to set up for burst damage, it's not to say bow isn't up to par to those classes when it comes to strong aoes.