Help with raisnig HP

I'm kind of stuck on how to raise my maximum HP, outside of putting points into HP Up in skill trees. My Force is sitting at 657 Hp and is level 61. I'm not sure if that's normal, but I generally don't know any other methods to raise HP on any class. Any advice would be awesome!

I know for the most if not complete part you want to avoid putting any SPs (Skill Points) into base/hp stats. If only enough to get your way down the class skill tree to get to what you want in terms of abilities, buffs, etc. Or if you've pretty well maxed out the kind of class you want to be and have nothing else than perhaps so.

In my own way I didn't full appreciate this at first and maxed all the stat/HP stuff I could on my main of main classes. In hindsight I might have done it differently. And/or maybe do a skill tree reset if I really feel the need.

Outside of that though. The only other way I know of is to "Augment" you way to higher HP through the right Augment Skills that provide whatever HP boosts. And/or what might be somewhat quicker/easier is hitting up the Player Shops and searching for what you need/want the most and keep an eye for ones that have as high a HP raising Augment Skill boost as you can. I've done the latter for all the weapons and units I've chosen to stick with for large periods of time and I've gotten an extra 100-200hp out of that. From a +30 to +50+ HP from an Augment Skill that was part of my weapon and all three unit slots.

As is and old as gaming time. Being a dedicated magic user always has that low hp/squishyness to it. Not great alone. Best in groups kind of a thing.


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Thanks for the advice. I'll have to look into the Player Shops to see if I can pick something up!

Acquiring higher rarity units is a good place to start for increasing your HP but as a Force player myself, I know that these can be annoying to equip without being max level on both your main and sub class.

Next would be affixes, specifically souls that give +hp over +pp and the stamina affix. For example, Ragne Soul (+30 Technique, +20 HP) and Stamina III (+50 HP) will equate to +70 HP per piece of equipment you have these on.

Something that's fairly underrated/underused is Jerky from the cullinary shop in Franca's Cafe. It grants +50 HP and +5 PP for 30 minutes. These only cost 10 red meat and 2000 meseta each too.

In extreme cases, you could use the guts drink. It's not preferable over the photon drink but if you need a sharp boost to health, it's worth taking note of.

Consider using Gemini Units + P-Drive for maxmium beef.

Legs / Darilphis | Arms / Dranphis | Back / P-Drive | those are the names of the gemini+pdrive set in that list

Taken from my guide you can see the Gemini + P-Drive Unit combination lacks any sort of passive ATK bonus, but even outside of affixes it gives 220 HP and insane M-Def values. If Force is your first class and you don't have a subclass / class bonus titles yet you probably can't equip those yet, but keep this in mind if you are levelling up the coming days. These 3 units are extremely cheap, the entire set will cost you like 100k Meseta and give substantial amount of HP without even needing to affix them.

Now if you add HP to those via affixing, then you got yourself a really tanky setup, without really giving up much. I can second Jerky, basically free and add some much needed survivability on my fighter.

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Thanks for all the input. I'm gonna look into those units, and I guess I'll start using food. I've never even considered the food before, but I'm not a pro player by any means lol. I assume it's actually quite useful, especially for endgame stuff.