Antivirus flipping out after installing the game! (Help!)

Hello all, so I have a minor problem. Whenever I download and try to launch the game (I'm a newcomer) my antivirus (Avast!) Starts flipping out saying the game is infected with 2+ viruses. I am downloading it from the Microsoft Store and am wondering if this is just a bug and I can let it past my antivirus or if this is a real problem, I got a bit spooked by all of this but really want to try out the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Any game / software that has to check what you're typing is considered a keylogger, and will flag most antivirus programs. GameGuard is one of those. Avast won't detect it until PSO2 is run once.

Another example: All Unity games are considered keyloggers, because of shoddy engine coding and the fact unity isn't widely used.

Yeah, unfortunately GameGuard is a really shady form of anti cheat akin to a rootkit. Honestly Avast isn't really wrong in it's assessment. I know JP's used this a long time, but they really should look into a better solution now that they're working on a more global playfield now. We've had a lot of argument in the PC game sphere in the west the last few months, despite PC gaming being less of a big thing in Japan. But yeah, here Valorant tried to use a similar rootkit-like anti-cheat and has been blasted quite a few times over it.

To be honest, it's not like GameGuard does anything positive anyway. Anyone that truly wants to cheat can waltz right around that thing.

I Think that Avast! was one the programs that was listed as Incompatible with PSO2. I think your better off with just whatever Windows comes with. I would just uninstall it .