[SHIP 1: FEOH] Geek Squad Recruiting!

What’s up homies! My names KFC other people know me as Colonel Sanders

Another Officer and myself were event coordinators of the Top Alliance Ultd Loli Works for the previous seasons, since CBT. (SZN1 - 4th Place / SZN2 - 1st Place)

I have also learned a lot with my time in the 4th Floor alliance and Garden of Eden, a group of amazing sociable people with caring hearts and minds

We have decided to take our knowledge and start our own alliance so that we can build up a community of amazing players that love to communicate, grind, and chill over voice chat, sometimes!

We plan to host Casino Nights, 12-Man Urgent Quest/Explorations/Ultis, Fashion Shows, and AC Giveaways once we get plenty of recruits!

I am reaching out to everyone (In-and-Out of an alliance) to see if anyone was interested in building with us to make Geek Squad amazing!

(UPDATE: Geek Squad has merged with alliances Fauna, Bum Fight Crew, and Careless, we are now at 64/100 slots.) However, we plan to purge the current inactives

(UPDATE: We will be hosting Weekly Raffles with prize rewards of 1,000,000 Meseta)

If you are interested please contact any of these players below:

PNID: KFC (Colonel Sanders) PNID: DEFICIT (Futaba) PNID: Snackattack (Snackattack) PNID: MalakoFox (Malako) PNID: LadyToothy (Papi Chulo)


Gamertag: Mr EatsKFCalot PNID: KFC

P.S. We also have a discord that’s well organized and uses bots in order to assign roles/tasks making things a lot easier to navigate!


I love the avatar. Good luck with your alliance!

@Ranmaru Thank You! Much love homie!