Be able to Affix Augments even if a weapon has less augments than the one it's going to

Why is this even a thing?? Why should a weapon with 5 Augment slots only be able to get Augments from one with 5 or more WHEN YOU CAN PICK MULTIPLE WEAPONS AT A TIME.

I can't understand the logic behind this decision at all.

To make crafting more difficult I'd assume. I haven't bothered with it yet though.

It is honestly plenty difficult with the stupid grinding and percentages and chances of failing and having to start from 0 without needing to upgrade weapons even further just to upgrade another weapon.

I agree with this. I doesn't add anything to the game.

This is the reason I haven't bothered crafting. I have an 8 affix nemesis that dropped but I can't find fodder with 8 slots that I need- I'm too lazy to downslot and end up ruining my own weapon in the process or upslotting every fodder that I need with the augments I need and spending 100s of millions of meseta. Augmenting is just an annoying chore with this restriction. You can get amazing augments saved up for when a nice weapon finally drops for you- but nope- it drops with too many slots so you can't use all the items you saved up until you throw a bunch of fodder and enhancing materials trying to upslot them WHILE keeping the augments which doesn't work for everything anyway.

I'll just stick with BiS weapon with worst in slot augments because fuck. Imagine getting an item that is TOO good to upgrade that you first have to downgrade it before strengthening it. Getting high slots on an item should be a reward- not a punishment.

Exactly 😕 I had people suggest just downslotting first, but I was too paranoid to risk upslotting back up (Already tried that once, didn't go well) and it just isn't worth it.

So much of this really sucks and I don't know why they made the upgrade systems so convoluted. Everything about how it works and you can fail is my biggest issue with the game and it makes me not want to bother.

If I didn't care about dragging others down by weak gear, I wouldn't even bother. I ended up putting all my meseta into not even like something super amazing due to how ridiculous it all was. It absolutely wasn't worth it.

In both JP and NA I never bothered with too much crafting yet, and haven't had any issues while questing or running with friends. I think most content is easily doable especially on NA right now without maxing out your gear. Now if you want to push the top DPS on the other hand....

Just don't get the idea that you are dragging people down. You're only dragging yourself down and it's a game so... not worth doing that now is it! The biggest factor in this game is timing in terms of dodging attacks.

The affixing system has only been explained with text (which is to say that text tutorials is one of the worst methods to explain a game mechanic). Several players (and Yotubers) have had to explain how the system works to newer players.

Although even if the affixing system is better explained it is flawed to a degree

@Xurai I appreciate that and I'll at least remember it for future stuff T~T I'll probably just hold onto my Nemesis Sage considering I ended up putting in ~40 million Meseta into it (plus so many Lambda grinders...) and did a horrible job anyway (I probably could've saved myself at least a little more money if I had realized a few things sooner and a lot more money if the affixes I were suggested someone mentioned which would be better and which couldn't be used with one another), but I don't think I'll end up trying again in the future.

I recall crafting being pretty good (at least, I remember getting my Rosa Crane up to top tailis stats despite it being lower tier) with a lot less pain at least, though, maybe I'll just try to focus on stuff I actually like now >< It'll just be a long grind saving back up again in general.

please read my post here as to why the complexity of the affix system is important to the in-game economy. i agree that it could use a better tutorial, but if you made affix augments transferrable from any slot count to any slot count, you would crash the economy for f2p players once endgame weapons are no longer tradable. the only things of value would be AC scratch items

I honestly don't agree with that. Most of my free to play friends (and I generally play free to play with occasional expenses, but never "whale") actually quit due to systems like this and other issues. I also feel like, weapons would easily still have value regardless of this one change which would just make it more player friendly.

Especially when there's more options for Premium players as it is to have insurance on their weapons than Free to play players.

affix augments would have much less value if you made any slot count transferrable to any slot count. that's simply how RNG drop rates work. furthermore, you would no longer be able to add value by upslotting to make money. (also endgame weapons are not supposed to be tradable. that you can sell nemesis/slave right now is an anomaly)

furthermore, if you learn how to use the affixing system, you should never need insurance. the +40% success rates you can buy at the excube shop are more than sufficient. using 4s/6s insurance to begin with results in a suboptimal weapon when all weapons are expected to be affixed at 8s in the future. there is a case for using it on units, but that is an incredibly inefficient use of meseta imo

you might retain more f2p players with a simpler system, but none of them would ever be able to buy what the p2p players have

I've made a topic in the past how I feel everything should be tradeable/sellable so that's generally my stance on endgame stuff too, but some people still wouldn't want to go through the effort either way and the market is there.

The +40% Success rates was what I was talking about when I mentioned insurance-- they're all things that help add to the success rate.

They still could eventually. Right now, it scares them off before even getting started versus playing and working towards things.

As I said, I don't feel this will change things much. We can just agree to disagree as I do not feel this will ruin the economy as much as you think and I feel the game needs more player friendly options in general.

@MoldyAsp33874 said in Be able to Affix Augments even if a weapon has less augments than the one it's going to:

This is the reason I haven't bothered crafting. I have an 8 affix nemesis that dropped but I can't find fodder with 8 slots that I need-
Imagine getting an item that is TOO good to upgrade that you first have to downgrade it before strengthening it. Getting high slots on an item should be a reward- not a punishment.

This is kinda how i see it.. it should feel like a reward not a punishment. I'd actually rather just pay someone else to the affix augments i want, but I'm guessing that's not an option... even tho... other craft-able stuff IS tradable?

i guess that means I'll be saving-up.. What, 300million Meseta? 900m? to screw up a nice piece of gear after hours of research to understand confusing text tutorials or inaccurate/misleading YT videos.. and perhaps fix it in the end?

Why would it not be good for the in game economy to have something like this? (where if its GOTTA BE CONVOLUTED aF) That the experienced Affixers could make Meseta via crafting for those of us who would rather pay than cause ourselves a headache.

IMO crafting should be fun in games, this is a game afterall. (yeah "fun" is subjective) & i've been looking forward to Tech crafting quite a lot, but the affixing i feel i'll have to avoid till I'm closing in on 999million Meseta.. or does it go into the Billions numerical value place? (doesnt matter i guess) which sure i'll get there eventually, but it's difficult to take seriously as anything worth doing as by the time you've done all this.. some new shiney weapon or gear will come into the game, making all that effort.. obsolete? lmao

yeah i just been dodging, and its not too difficult to hit (current) lvl cap without any of this.. i WOULD like my schweet dmg to shine one day tho.. but i guess its gonna be a few months for experiment number 1

lol those cosmetics are callin to me afterall and their price doesn't tend to drop a whole lot >.<

so its harder to make more powerful weapons/units...

affixing is the biggest meseta sink because of this

is it a mess? yes, but you dont need to go for it to enjoy the game, +20 atk wont be much at late game anyways